Here is Mary Kate’s fashion questionnaire. Mary Kate works at Teen Vogue (which I love), has an AMAZING style (like, I literally stalk her during fashion week), and here she shares all of her fashion secrets!

Heels or flats during fashion week?
For a very long time I was religiously heels only. Until I realized it was okay to embrace my personal style and wear flats, and by flats I mean my sneakers. I will wear a mix because nothing makes me feel more polished and sophisticated than a beautiful high heel. During the February shows my main objective is comfort and warmth, the weather can be brutal. So I’m sure I’ll be wearing my flat Miu Miu motorcycle boots and flat studded Gucci boots a lot.

We love your style mix, a little bit girly, a little bit sporty. What are your wardrobe essentials?
I find myself buying the same types of things; full skirts in luxe fabrics, bright colors, funky prints and embellishment, classic crew neck t-shirts, cashmere sweaters and sweatshirts, anything white – lace, leather, denim, and beautiful dresses that require nothing else, they are an outfit in and of themselves. I find that shopping this way, makes getting dressed easy. I know what I love to wear, I know what I like to mix together, and I’m not really trying to follow any trend. Its definitely a combination, and I think girly and sporty is the best way to describe the eclectic mix.

What is your signature?
I still think I’m a little young and green to have a “signature” yet. I’ld like to give myself a few more years to really establish my personal style. Wouldn’t it be nice to say my signature is a different color Celine bag for each day of the week? Someday…

If you could only choose one, what would be your:

Jean: J.Brand 811 Mid Rise Skinny in Creamy White, I love white jeans, year round.

Heel: Miu Miu. Consistently my go-to brand for heels. I have classic pumps, funky platforms and amazing boots all from Miu Miu. I can complete a full day out on market appointments in a Miu Miu heel comfortably, and know that the shoe looks beautiful while doing so.

Flat: Nike AF 1 or Dunk sneakers. A secret sneaker freak, I’m always excited about a new collaboration or color.

Shirt: Splendid crew neck long sleeve white tee. Classic and can be worn with everything. I love it with jeans, and I love it with an elegant full brocade skirt. I stock up every year on my white tees. Its hard to find the perfect one, but for now I’m happy with my Splendid!

Bag: Lanvin Happy Bag. I have a few and aside from the name, the size, ribbon wrapped strap and colors always make me a very happy girl. I love adding little quirky keychains, and tied scarves to my bags and they always look organic with the droopy ribbon that is the Happy Bag’s signature.

Lingerie: Eres. Each season they come up with colors I never knew existed and the most beautiful and delicate lace and smooth satin. Eres lingerie is an ultimate luxury.

Lipstick: 100% Pure. Never a stick, always a gloss. I found my go-to gloss on set for a photo shoot. 100% Pure is a small natural brand, its tinted with fruit pigments. The Island Kiss Lip Palette has the perfect berry colors for lips. I prefer something that gives a pop of color to my face. It feels incredible on my lips and the color truly stays. Sometimes its exciting to find a beauty product that is new and unheard of.

Mascara: Chanel Inimitable in black. Classic black, never clumps, long-lasting.

Moisturizer: Kiehls Facial Fuel For Men. Yes its for men, but when it comes to Kiehl’s don’t we all borrow from the boys? I borrowed it from my boyfriend in desperation, and now it’s my everyday moisturizer. It has a bit more zing than their other face creams, and I love the way it feels in the morning. SPF 15 in face moisturizer is also a must for daily use.

Nail Polish:Essie All In One Base. I never get color on my nails. When I have a manicure, its a clean, buff, and then a clear gloss. I feel its more classic and then you don’t feel your nails have to match your outfit.

Fragrance: My favorite fragrance WAS Marc Jacobs Violet. I think I bought out every last bottle from stores, then from off-price stores once it ceased production. Then I even attempted to email the company directly to plead for its rebirth. No luck. Now I’m very content with a perfume I borrowed from my mother and now love, Prada Infusion D’Iris. I wear it every day.

Shampoo: Frederic Fekkai Essential Shea Shampoo. I think I use this more because of its refreshing scent than what it does for my hair, but it is reliable for soft, shiny hair.

What is your daily beauty routine?
I try to keep it simple! I work out every morning, so a shampoo and shower is always how I start my routine. I do wash my hair every day, but it has natural wave, so I can let it air dry for the most part and do without damaging blowdrying. Sometimes I’ll blow dry my hair straight to feel a bit more polished, but usually I let it dry naturally. Post shower, I spritz my Prada perfume, and use Oil of Olay Quench Daily Lotion Plus Shimmer. I moisturize my face, conceal any blemishes with Stila 10-In-1 HD Beauty Balm , dust on some Guerlain Terracotta Blonde 01 bronzer, freshen my cheeks with NARS blush in Gaeity, apply my Chanel mascara, and that is about it.

At night I always wash my face with Boscia Black Cleanser, and I use a Boscia Clarifying Detox Mask a few times a week. I tone with Glo Professional Clear Complexion and always use a night eye cream thought I’m not partial to any one. (I think its my own denial that I’m old enough to use eye cream, but yes, the wrinkles are on their way)

What is the secret to rocking a baseball cap? You always look so cool…
My dad works for the NBA and my brother works for Major League Baseball, so I certainly was raised in a sportswear oriented family. I was the odd duck who went to work in fashion, so a little part of me feels like its my nod to sports to sport a baseball cap here and there. But also, for me, a baseball cap is an essential accessory. I love Supreme’s prints, and they make any outfit super cool. But I also love a chic solid black leather hat. They key is that I’m not wearing a beat up baseball hat. As I said these are accessories, so I’m wearing hats that have a fashion view-point, not for the baseball field.

Is there a fashion item you wouldn’t dare wear to work but are always wearing at home?
A Patagonia fleece, and embarrassingly enough, I HAVE worn it at work. I will always love outdoors brands like Patagonia and The North Face and nothing is warmer than a Patagonia fleece. The fleece has made an appearance at the office, but it was after 7pm, when most of the staff had gone home for the night.

One fashion trend you would love to see come back?
Its not really a trend, but something I love that has lost its prevalence as time passes. I really wish people would dress up more on a day to day basis. I love being comfortable and carefree as next as the next person, but there is something about a polished, well dressed and put together person that always impresses me. It doesn’t mean you have to be in designer clothes or a fashion icon, but everyone should take more pride in themselves in public. Certain events and activities call for a certain way to dress, and for the majority of those, it doesn’t mean sloppy jeans and a t shirt. Of course in the fashion industry everyone is always embracing personal style and dressed up, but that’s a small portion of the world. and that’s our job. I would love to see everyone in general taking more pride in how they put themselves together each day.

… And one you aren’t sad to see go?
I don’t think its gone yet, but the wedge sneaker. I love my sneakers, but I don’t need my sneaker to also be a heel. There are cool girls who can pull it off, but its not something I want to ever wear myself. Girls who can wear boy’s clothing or accessories always look effortlessly cool, so why try to tweak them into being more girly?

What are the secrets to the fun and fresh Teen Vogue style?
The mix, we say it again and again. It means hi and low, it means designer and mass, it means trends and personal style, it means colors and prints. No one should be head to toe in one brand, or head to toe in only designer clothing or head to toe in a trend. The key to having fun with personal style is mixing it up. There is always something unexpected in a Teen Vogue styled look, something you wouldn’t think of to mix yourself, but it works.

Your first designer clothing purchase was….
Satin Cynthia Rowley dress for my freshman year Homecoming dress.

Your last designer clothing purchase was…
Satin Miu Miu mini dress.

If you could walk in any runway show, which show would you pick?
Chanel Couture. Its the most beautiful show you could pick. For the clothing, for the sets, for the hair and make-up, for Karl.


Movie: Say Anything. Always makes me smile, no matter how many times I watch it. Diane and Lloyd’s “friends with potential” relationship will always give me butterflies.

Book: The Bell Jar. Sort of a symbol of teenage angst, its relatable for any young girl navigating the editorial world in New York City. It was the first “required reading” book from high school that I would happily reread.

To dance to: “Otis” – Kanye West and JayZ
To cry to: “Home Again” – Michael Kiwanuka
To fall in love to: “For Once in My Life” – Frank Sinatra
To sing in the shower to: “Someone Like You” – Adele (don’t we all?)
My “at bat song” (you know at baseball games each player has a song when they are at bat…): “Ego” – Beyonce and Kanye West

Artist: Gustav Klimt. Bildnis der Mada Primavesi was one of the first pieces of art I saw during my first trip to the MET while in college so it resonates with me. I love his landscapes and later works including portraits of women because your eye doesn’t know where too look because there is so much on the canvas.