Finally back, after a vacation of such intense laziness (actually, it was a lot of work being lazy on a ski trip, with those sunny white slopes glaring at me and my snowboard calling: “Garance, Garance, take me!”) (Hey now, settle down, pervert!) that I think I may have become fused with my bed at some point (but I’m not sure, because as I’m writing this, I’m still there, in my bed – so operation bed separation hasn’t happened yet)(it’s scheduled for tomorrow morning, three minutes before Emily and Alex arrive at the Studio (aaaaah the joys of a live-work space)).

Oh hey, by the way, do you know why the Garance Doré Studio is called the Garance Doré Studio?

Well, it’s because when I started, I was living and working in a microscopic studio (that’s how we call mini-apartments in Paris) in Paris that was not at all glamorous (you should have seen Scott’s face when he came to visit me for the first time, he imagined me living in a Parisian apartment with parquet floors and crown molding, you know – the chic and sexy Parisian, slightly disheveled with high-heeled mules – I won’t even tell you all the fantasies Americans have about French women, it gets pretty crazy, haha) and that when Tim, my translator, (Tim just married the most delicious and funny and pretty girl and I wish him all the happiness in the world!!! Did you know they met through the blog? And that it’s not the first time the blog has been part of a love story??? Want me to tell you about it?) who was my assistant at the time, came by, I had to fold away my sofa so that we’d have enough room to work.

Intimacy? What?

So, since I needed a name for my company, I figured a little humor couldn’t hurt.
There you have it. Every time I see the words Garance Doré Studio, now you know what it makes me think of. High-heeled mules, hahaha.


(I have to stop making myself laugh, it’s pathetic).

Naaaaah. Buried in my bed, I tried to check in with myself, to reflect on the meaning of life, my joys and sorrows, I read 3268767 books (and also played Jewel Mania when I wanted to stop thinking completely), I did five minutes of meditation (it was great) and I tried to come up with a few resolutions, because finally, after a lot of debating with myself, I decided that I was FOR resolutions.

Here are mine.

I have to warn you that they are always the same which doesn’t seem to be a great omen but oh well.

  • So, as usual, my impossible resolution to do yoga every morning at 6 AM like Gwyneth Paltrow, my idol, (even more so now that I saw her… husband? They’re married? anyway Chris Martin in concert with Coldplay yesterday, and I found the guy rather phenomenal and fantastic and great) and to eat with moderation and stop eating peanut butter to finally be able to fit into my Peter Pilotto dress that will soon be completely out of fashion if I don’t wear it immediately, all of that stuff.
  • To be a better friend to my friends. I am super super happy because 2012 brought me some truly beautiful friendships (tear of joy) (It’s not so easy changing countries, really, deep down), and I also FINALLY realized that friendship when you spend your life working (age 30) isn’t the same as friendship when you spend your life doing nothing but think about your life (age 20) (well, I’m talking about what I was like at age 20 and 30, not everyone spends their twenties trying to find themselves and smoking pot)(only to finally realize that you hate smoking pot, now even the smell of it makes me sick, go figure) and that friendship doesn’t just fall into your lap
    anymore, you have to invest a little and make time for others.
  • To stop imagining new projects and “SUPER ideas!” and to develop the ones I’ve already started and that I love. Yes, of course, I could totally write a book if I got up at 4 AM instead of 6 (at 6, I have yoga), I could do stand up comedy in a little bar in New York (dumb fantasy, don’t ask), start a club for struggling teenagers the world over, or write a song that Jay-Z would love and produce, but my idea machine (with its good ones AND disastrous ones) will never stop, I think. I realized that in 2012. So I have to learn to… calm down. Develop what I have. Keep going.

    Because, like my high school philosophy professor used to say, “the important thing is to keep going.” (I still don’t know exactly what that means, but I had nine hours of philosophy per week and he repeated that every day, so it kind of stuck, proof that brainwashing in schools really works!) (This was a message of solidarity for my sister Sacha who is in her last year of French high school and LOVES school)(that was ironic)(Keep going Sacha! You’ll see, you’ll make it!!!)

So voilà, my dear lovely readers.

This year, I’m still going to keep trying to improve myself, with my good and disastrous ideas, losing and duh, winning! adventures, and everything in between, simpler and more subtle and more simply fashion (aaahh I love pandering to fashion) and ABOVE ALL, stay true and sincere to myself and with you all.

Because there is no place in the world I’d rather be other than here, writing you on my blog – no little bar in New York, no book, no Jay-Z hit (huuumm, actuallyyyy) would make me happier than what I already have here with you.

I’m counting on you to stay as you are, smart, funny, with your high expectations, and I hope to meet more of you in 2013 (I have a SUPER idea for how to do that) (Oh noooooo, another “SUPER idea”) (breathe, Garance, just breathe).

And I wish you all a wonderful year in 2013!!!!!!!!!!

PS: Yes, I made a GIF ! The girl on the illustration is supposed to wink at you. If she doesn’t, maybe, reload the page ? I don’t know I am not such a pro at reloading GIFs…