Sometimes, instead of focusing on precise elements of my wardrobe, I like to think of my look as a whole. Actually that’s how I dress most of the time, maybe that’s why I am not very attached to the season’s latest it-items, but rather to pieces that will combine nicely with my wardrobe.

Sometimes I’ll think of volumes, but mostly what I love is to imagine colors stories. It can be a total burgundy look (a little extreme, but when it’s very casual, jean, tee-shirt, shoes, it looks pretty cool) or just to combine colors that work well together, like in these pictures.

I know, it’s totally the contrary of the color clash trend that’s going on right now, three million colors in one silhouette, the what can I add on top of that outfit? Crap, I only have fifteen colors and 45 accessories! I don’t know if that’s gonna work style that I see everywhere right now (even though it happens to me sometimes and I like it), but it’s a nice rest for the eyes and that’s maybe why I like it a lot.

What about you are you more a color clasher or a color combiner ?