I declare it the opening of the week of taking it easy.

These past months have been a series of trips, meetings, big questions, and little details to manage. My (tiny) team and I have been working from morning until night, and then until morning again. We’re so spent that we can barely stay upright.

Like I’ve been banging my head about my next Vogue column for like three weeks. It usually takes me three days.

My brain’s melting, that’s what’s happening.

I have this picture in my head of the Christmas holiday being a constant transition between my bed (reading all the books you all have recommended!) and nice long hikes (I think I am going to hug each and every tree in Vermont. That’ll calm me down.)

And the worst is that I’m not the only one. All my friends are with me and can barely wait for one thing: vacation. Is it just me or has this been a super busy year?

So I’ve told myself that this week, I’ll take a deep breath. I’ll finish start my gifts. We’ll go to one Christmas party after another and who knows, maybe I’ll even make a giant vat of apple sauce (my new specialty) for the studio. Now we’re talking!

So up there in the picture is an idea of what I’ll be wearing during this week… Cozy. Heels forbidden. Almost sweatpants, but still chic (I’ll get to complete lumberjack mode in Vermont.)

PS: That said, we still have a lot to show you this week, starting with a little film in a few hours that should crack you up, and then the best of my outfits for the year, toss in a meeting I had with a super stylish girl, and uhhhh, all of our Christmas wishes which should be pretty funny.

And there you have it. I’ve done a whole letter from the editor right here for you on a Sunday night in December. Aahahah! Okay, big hugs to you all!

Scarf, Sarti; Book, Home by India Mahdavi; Glasses, Fiction; Hat, Club Monaco; Leather pants, Theory; Sweater, The Row; Fragrance Travel Case, Byredo; Clutch, Dezos by Sara Beltran; Ballet Flats, Porselli.