As you know I love Jessica’s style, but I have to confess that since I saw her in LA, she really inspired me to reconsider my wardrobe. And it’s changed my style and made me very happy. So I had to know more about Jessica’s elements of style…

You have a very specific style, tell us about your five essentials:

1. Men’s shirts

2. High-waisted jeans in black, white and blue

3. Pencil skirts

4. Minimal gold jewelry and my mother’s Cartier tank watch

5. Black and brown leather belts

My essentials are often menswear inspired and quite simple. I like timeless silhouettes and classic pieces. Black, navy, gray, white are the colours that dominate my wardrobe.

What is your signature?

That’s a tough question but probably a men’s shirt.

If you could only choose one, what would be your:

Jean: High waisted and skinny. And always hemmed just above the ankle bone. Acne’s Needle are a constant in my closet.
Heel: A classic black, pointy pump. Loving Celine’s low heels right now.
Flat: Again classic, black and pointy. I also love a mens slipper style. Two favorites right now are Jenni Kayne’s d’Orsay flats and Rochas suede slippers.
Shirt: A cotton poplin mens style button down. I’m wearing a lot of Equipment right now.
Bag: A simple flat folio or small clutch. I tend to not carry very much.
Lingerie: Little black or navy triangle bras are my fave and I love navy lace.
Lipstick: Rodin lip balm or a matte light pink lipstick like NARS Roman Holiday.
Foundation: I don’t wear foundation.
Mascara: Dr. Hauschka navy or black. I like it a little cakey.
Moisturizer: Terri Lawton’s stem cream.
Nail Polish: I rarely wear polish…maybe once a year. Usually I just keep my nails short and bare. I do love a great orange/red color though.
Fragrance: I don’t wear any fragrance.
Shampoo: John Masters Organics

Your blonde hair is awesome, how do you keep it up? What is something that everyone should know about being a blonde?

My colorist Mikael Padilla highlights my hair twice a year. He’s brilliant and comes to the house.

How do you stay fit?

Since having a baby almost two years ago, I haven’t done yoga which used to be my daily routine. Now I walk most mornings with my daughter, James. We do the two mile trail around the Silver Lake Reservoir in our Los Angeles neighborhood We also like to hike in Griffith Park.

How do you stay chic with a baby? Is that an okay question to ask…

I keep my closet well edited and only hang onto key pieces. That way when I go to get dressed there is less to choose from and I wear a uniform of sorts.

How do you dress for an LA premiere?

A dark navy Lanvin dress with a massive ruffle.

What is one item you add to your look go from day to night?

More mascara and some eyeliner.

What is one fashion myth you’d like to bust?

That fur is chic.

Tell us one guilty pleasure…

Buying expensive children’s clothing. Bonpoint is the ultimate guilty pleasure…especially since James grows out of it so quickly.

What is something that is totally surprising about your style?

I love sweat pants.

If you could go to dinner with any five people, who would you pick?

Alice Waters
Joan Didion
Deepak Chopra
Neil Young
Stella McCartney

What is one thing you want to do before the end of the world? According to the Mayan’s, it’s next week…

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