Okay, I’ll confess, I’m a little fascinated by Constance Jablonski’s beauty. She has grace and elegance that’s approachable yet unreal at the same time.

In this photo, for example, she’s not wearing any makeup. Well, maybe a little bit of mascara, I think, but that’s it. Her skin is perfect. Pores?

What are you talking about?

Ok, so NO, the idea is not to compare myself… Constance is a model. She’s one of the ambassadors for Estée Lauder which is kind of the ultimate beauty accolades.

But beautiful skin… What exactly does that even mean?

I get the impression right now that everyone wants to make their pores disappear completely, like they don’t exist, like they are walking around in life constantly touched up by photoshop. My sister, who is a little beauty perfectionist, always talks to me about her pores, but I never really caught the poreless bug. I even let go of the idea of having super matte skin. That obsession was with me for years. (In my experience, you can’t really control shiny skin, outside of keep it hydrated, but it will still have a little bit of shine, so you’re just left with… stopping caring so much.)(Although I confess using loads anti-shine pads and tons of powder when I do my Pardon My French shoots. I’m still extra paranoid in front of the camera.)

My idea of beautiful skin today is simply skin that’s at its best, elastic, hydrated, and soft. My pores will never disappear because I have mixed skin, but I can live with that. And when I really want to look my best, I put make up on, and that’s enough.

I’m not looking for perfection anymore.

What do you think? What’s your idea of perfect skin?

Have you gotten to the point where you can accept the skin you have, or do you feel like your skin is a daily battle?


PS : For her skin, Constance uses Nutritious by Estée Lauder morning and night (at night, she uses the serum). She never puts makeup on between shoots, except a little mascara. She use Sumptuous Two Tone, a two toned macara (black on the top lashes, brown on the bottom lashes) perfect for blondes.

PPS : Her outfit? A jacket by Sandro and a hoodie by Isabel Marant. Vive la France!!!

PPPS : Why did I meet Constance? To interview her about her career! Constance is very inspiring and I really like her modeling career. She’s down to earth, intelligent, and adorable. So if you have questions to ask her, don’t hesitate to put them in the comments below!