Really, in a world where you can have your dogs walked, hire a team of professionals to find a name for your baby AND EVEN get a full wax at every street corner, I wonder what the universe is waiting for to create certain services.

Services for ME.

Listen, if one day you want to create the jobs that follow, be sure of one thing, you’ll have a customer.


Don’t thank me for the ideas.

I need :

A Closet Therapist.

No, not a closeted therapist, nobody needs that. In my dream, my closet therapist would come visit me once a season.
He would ask me how’s my life, what I dream of achieving in the months to come, and how I visualize being dressed to do so.

We would talk about the things that weigh on my shoulders and he would make a diagnosis, telling which clothes I can get rid of forever, which ones I can hold on to but should store for a few years, and which ones I should keep.

Together, we would decide which clothes I should buy for the season.

We would straighten everything together, and it would be a big aha moment of my life, right there, in my closet.

[Translation : My closet is a mess, way too much stuff in there, but I am so afraid to get rid of things. Conclusion : I am wearing the same thing everyday because digging in my closet SCARES ME.]

A Clothes Whisperer.

Nope, not the same thing as a Closet Therapist.
A clothes whisperer would be paying me a visit once a week, and would just check in my clothes. He would take care of washing my delicate clothes, fix the hem of those jeans, take in the waist of that shirt I just bought at the thrift store and who would know exactly what to do with the hat I recently destroyed by sitting on it (you have to steam it, I’ve heard).
Taking good care of your clothes is an art.

[Translation : I must have an average of 350 clothes on a care waiting list at home. Most of them are waiting to be ironed. I can’t iron. Others are waiting to go to the cleaner. Jeans are waiting for their hems to be shortened. Coats are waiting for me to replace their lost buttons. Shoes are waiting for their heels to be fixed. And I can’t count the number of time I literally killed a wool sweater or a silk shirt by trying to wash them in the washing machine.
A clothes whisperer would make me love my wardrobe again.
And I would save so much money! I would buy much less cause I would always have great clothes ready to be worn. It would be total happiness.]

Life Pictures Editor.

I am not talking about my pro pictures, neeeu.

I am talking about the 5,107 pictures I have in my iPhone.

I am pretty sure that 90% of them are so random they could be deleted forever. But in the middle of those, there are some gems that I will never find because I am drowning in pixels.

I need someone to look at them, an eye to edit and even print the best of them, making me a beautiful photo album. The dream !!!


Ok, so I asked the guys at the studio what they would dream of and here’s what they came up with – they are much less realistic than I am, seriously ;)

Alex dreams of a Motivator.

Someone who would tell her in the morning : “Yeeeaaaahh, time to get up! It’s gonna be a great day!” “No! It’s ok you got totally drunk last night, it’s great you have to have fun!”, “Maybe you should go run to keep your glorious body as fit as it is now though?”

Em dreams of a Text Curator.

A real pro that would know exactly which text to send to which guy at which moment to make them all crazy about her. A pro that would have the secret to send a text that would be fun, sexy AND mysterious at the same time.

Justin dreams of an Instagram Pictures Photographer.

Someone who would be there at the right moment to take the right picture. You know that moment when you’re like “should I live that moment or capture it?”
Well here. You’d have someone in charge of just that.

Alyssa dreams of a Personal DJ.

Someone to take care of the soundtrack of her life, wherever she is. In the morning when she wakes up and needs to get motivated for the day, for example.

What about you? What job do you think someone should absolutely create ?