I’m crazy about coats.
During a recent interview I did about my style*, they asked me what I bought the most of.
Mmmmmm… It’s not shoes, not bags, nope. It’s coats. Whenever I see a beautiful coat, I just can’t resist. There’s something in me that says, YES! Go for it!

As soon as it gets a little cold outside, it’s really the piece that brings everything together. Sorry shoes.

I’ve got fifteen** of them at least and that’s not counting all the cool coats I steal from Scott, like his Barbours. This year, I got a giant Stella McCartney coat on sale (you can see it here) but then also wondered if this Isabel Marant jacket is a must or if I can live without it. For the moment, I decided to live without it, but… Well, it’s just the beginning of winter..

What are you wearing this winter?

On the picture, You can see my friend Giorgia in the sublime New York autumn light wearing a coat she designed herself (she just started her own brand called Rêve) that would be a perfect addition to my collection. She’s wearing vintage leather pants, a Céline bag, an American Apparel sweater and Zara heels.


* I always think it’s weird to answer questions about my style. When is the time you start thinking, “yeaaaah, I’ve got a style, go ahead and bring on the questions!”

** They never really go out of style. You can wear them for years!

Translation : Tim Sullivan