Can you guess where this bag came from?

It’s from Zara. When I saw it, it was all alone on the shelf, like all their cult pieces that we talked about before. I jumped at it in a passionate rage. Of course, it reminded me of an Isabel Marant piece, or maybe a particular Prada collection, yeah, and a Miu Miu collection too…

A few hours later, at dinner with Aurélie… “Oh, how cool is your bag!!? Is it Prada?!”
And then the next day, at breakfast with Delphine, my agent, she said, “Who made your bag? Isabel Marant?”
Then again later, in the street, “Love your bag! Miu Miu, right?!”

My response every time was, “Ummm, nope! It’s Zara. See? What do you think? It’s inspired, but not a total copy, right? Or do you think this a big step backward for my fashion karma*? Or should I just not care? What does it all meeeeean? I’m so looooooooost. Heeeeeeeeeelp!!!”**

What do you think? Should I keep wearing it or toss it into the pile of shame***?


* I don’t talk like this in real life. I’d never say fashion karma. Who knows why the written word makes me so cheesy.

**Okay, I just said thank you to the person who stopped in me in the street.

*** The pile of shopping errors. You really don’t want to know what’s been tossed on the pile. Birkenstocks maybe? Nope, not yet at least. But never say never.