This is so stressful!!!

Today, I’m finally starting my online shop to sell my illustrations.

I say finally because I’ve been thinking about doing it for such a long time and promising everyone who sent me e-mails asking where to find prints of my illustrations (6 years now!) that they’d be on their way. Yeah, it was definitely time.

My illustrations mean so much to me. I dunno, I must’ve had some sort of emotional block. :-)

That said, the first time I saw them printed on good paper, I couldn’t believe my eyes… They are so beautiful in real life.
And it was amazing to be able to hold something I drew in my own hands.
It gives the illustrations a timeless quality.

When I post them on the blog, they have a really short lifespan… It’s not like a magazine cover where you can leave it on the coffee table for a few months.

I mean, actually, I know a lot of you use them as your desktop wallpaper.

I get a lot of messages about which ones you use and it always puts a smile on my face.

It always makes me emotional when you tell me that my work touches you. And even more so when you tell me that you want to make it a part of your daily life.

…And starting today, it’s possible!


Okay, a few things about the shop…

  • The most important point was to figure out how much to sell the illustrations for. I didn’t want to make them inaccessible, but I also know that some people are going to want to buy a truly original piece of art, either for yourself or as a gift.

So we decided to give you two options:

Posters are $40.

Art prints are limited edition, numbered and signed. The posters are on sale starting today and we’ll start with the limited edition prints next week.
And if you have any crazy requests, we can even do custom sizes.

  • I decided though to start with a smaller offer. For the moment there is only one size format for each category and a choice between six of my favorite illustrations. This will evolve all the time and we’ll listen to what you’re asking for and change it accordingly. Don’t hesitate if you have an illustration that you want made and I’ll include it in my next order. Same thing with the sizing.
  • We were pushed back two weeks because of Sandy (we wanted to start the shop earlier), but if you order them right away, you should receive them before Christmas (we can’t control any delays that could happen in customs).

That’s all for right now! I’m here all morning so don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have to either me or Alex (who has been working like crazy getting the shop open) and we’ll try to respond as quickly as possible.

And wish me luck on this new adventure! I’m terrified!

Translation : Tim Sullivan