I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend (Yeah, ok, I know it’s a super American holiday but a day to find gratitude for everything around you, it really should exist everywhere…)(I love it.)(And you’re lucky, I spared you from all my weepy gratitudes.)
I went and spent the weekend doing my best Gorillas in the Mist impression in Costa Rica. I’ll tell you all about it soon as soon as I get my emotions back in order.

Right before leaving, I got to spend some time with Mary Kate Steinmiller.

Mary Kate is the Senior Fashion Market Editor for Teen Vogue so we see each other often during fashion weeks. I’ve taken her photo in the past but for a while now, I’ve wanted to do a little fashion mini-series with her to show you the elements of her style.
I am a big fan of her style, of her way to mix and also, I am extra jealous of her Supreme caps.

I love the way she wears skirts.

And the very street elements of her wardrobe.

I am preparing and Essentials post about Mary Kate… Any questions to ask her?

Hat, Carhartt. Leather Jacket, Dallin Chase. Skirt, Organic by John Patrick. Boots, Gucci. Sweater, Michael Kors. Leather pants, J Brand. Shoes, Nike. Hat, Supreme.