Garance, just a little quick question–what do you wear on, dare I say it– a fat day? You’ve gained fifty kilos overnight and hey presto, nothing fits. Any suggestions? -Roula

Aaaaahhmmmm very good question, especially with the holidays around the corner.

What to do? What to do, indeed?

The first thing I do is try on the outfits I know I feel best in. You feel ugly, so don’t even try to squeeze yourself into a super tight pair of skinny jeans.
I hate feeling squeezed in my outfits. It makes me feel suffocated.

I pick out something simple.

A pair of boyfriends jeans with a button down men’s shirt. It’s chic and works every time. Even if, just to name an example, you feel like you have the rear-end of an aircraft carrier (well, for me, the aircraft carrier likes to park itself more in the belly region), you can just let the shirt be longer than your bum… Out of sight out of mind.

So, after that, I have to make sure no one confuses me with my boyfriend. So I add to the ensemble:

  • High pointy heels, as feminine as it gets, and rarely do we have fat foot days, thank God.
  • Jewelry, and a lot of it.
  • Red lipstick.

It does get more complicated if ever I have a fat night. What are you supposed to wear when you have to be chic and you feel about as svelte as Kung Fu Panda?

Well, same rules apply… A nice pair of wide pants with a tuxedo jacket, and you’ll be as calm as can be.


In fact, it’s so easy it’s kind of a problem.

If you feel so good in your fat day clothes, what would stop you from wearing them every day of the year? And then suddenly your fat day clothes have become your normal day clothes.

And then what do you do when your boyfriend jeans start to fit you? When they become your new skinny jeans? Aarrrgh.

What should we do?
Change boyfriends?

Or squeeze yourself into some skinny jeans just to remind yourself that a fat day is not a normal day?

What do you think?

And of course, if you want to ask me a question, you can do it here. Big hugs!

Translation : Tim Sullivan