It’s pretty crazy how non-motivated I am with physical exercise.

I’ve NEVER been a disciplined person. I’ll ALWAYS have to force myself to move. You know those people who are addicted to running? I do too. They’re not me.

Every time I get it together enough to actually go out and exercise, I have those internal debates in my head and my evil, totally sedentary twin tries to take over with below-the-belt attacks you all know :
“You’re Too Tired. You Don’t Have Time. You’ll Have To Take A Shower And Redo All Your Makeup. It’s Never Going To Work, You Never Get Fit Anyway. If You Miss Once, No Biggie.”

You get the idea.

I fight this lazy voice with:

  • You’ll be thin and fit!!! —-> The target here is just too far out. My satisfaction would have to wait far too long to solve the simple problem right now that I just don’t wanna go!
  • It’ll make you feel happy!!! —-> Works perfectly… Well, it works perfectly when I don’t feel happy. When I feel happy (which is most of the time), this one loses all its weight.
  • You always feel like a goddess after your yoga class —-> Ah! Imagining myself at the end of a yoga class, nice technique. It works once every five times I try it.
  • You can buy yourself a latte after yoga class —-> Imagining myself at the end of class + a nice reward = works really well. The only problem? The quotient of success is directly related with the amount of calories I get in exchange. Counter productive? Is that how you say it?
  • Go with your friends! —-> Works super well… Especially if you have a regular schedule and are very organized. So the exact opposite of me.
  • You already have your workout outfit on —-> Putting on my sweats first thing in the morning works super well for me because just wearing sneaks makes me want to get moving. Weird, right?

The only problem? I end up spending my entire day in yoga pants just so I don’t miss a workout. Mmmmm, not so chic. Unless your yoga class is super early, but now that you know where I’m coming from, you know that a 7 o’clock yoga class would only work for me once in a blue moon.

So yeah, my methods to keep myself motivated are all falling short. I’m trying to come up with some new ones.

My newest thing is, I am warning you, a little weird, and it’s to go directly Pinterest and use my obsession with images to my advantage.

Beautiful workout images make me want to workout!

And if, like in the photo of the sporty sublimity that is Lauren here, the girl is dressed sportily well (weel, in the “sport” style I love = in greys and some layered cotton) than that definitely gets me motivated.

I Identify!!!

Yep, yep, like when I was 14 and wanted to be as cool as the coolest girl in high school or later when I toooooootally identified to Björk and went to university jumping around with huge hiking shoes.

I see an image like that and I put together a whole movie in my head where I’m the girl who feels so comfortable in her skin, who likes exercising, is super good at yoga, who even does her run when it’s raining and is totally sublime doing it, in search of true performance (Perfor… What? The real Garance has no idea what sporty Garance is talking about) who likes pushing past her boundaries (boundaries… There’s a word real Garance knows), and that ends up getting me up and going for a few hours, just enough time to get my workout in.

The only difference now then when I was 14 is that now, I know I’ll never be the girl in the photo.

But I get inspired to get my butt in gear.

Listen guys, it kinda works.

And by now, I’d take my sport inspiration from anywhere it wants to come from, because of the simple fact that if I didn’t get going, I’d spend my entire life eating Momofuku cookies on my couch. Aaaaand
we would look cute, wouldn’t we?

I mean, how do you find the motivation to go exercise?

Big hugs!