Lina always has amazing outfits that really represent her unique style. When I work with her (she films with us for Pardon My French), she makes quite the impression and everyone wants to take her picture outside the fashion shows. The rest of us ? Were just her entourage!

One of the most distinct things about her style is the way she does her make up. She does her eyes like Twiggy, and everyone remembers her for that. Even though, she told me yesterday, Twiggy wasn’t the one who inspired her.

She also said:

“People say “Oh so Twiggy” but I didn’t have Twiggy in mind, I just kind of like the look that it gives my eyes. It features my eyes in a very big way on my face and I like that.”

“It became a signature for me. Sometimes I identify with it too much so I try not to wear it. Just to not be too attached to, “Is that me or is it not me?” when I don’t have it on. ”

“Once I walked by Twiggy in the street and I felt a little embarrassed. She probably didn’t even look at me, but I thought, “Oh my god that’s Twiggy! She’s going to think I’m copying her look.”

I love it, even if I could never wear something so strong (my thing that I like to be remembered for is wearing a pair of Birkenstocks with giant socks. Hahaha). I love the idea of finding something like that, something that’s very much your own. A signature.

At the same time, saying that, I kind of feel like I have found one against my will. Can you guess what it is?
Do you have one?

Translation : Tim Sullivan