Hello, what sign are you?

Me? As you may have guessed from my drawing*, I’m a Taurus.

And no, of course not, I don’t read horoscopes.
Horoscopes are nuts!
I don’t see how you can see people’s destiny by looking at the stars. Seriously guys, the staaaaaaars! Pffff, whatever.

I might just be saying that because I’m a Taurus though. Tauruses don’t believe in stars. We have our feet firmly on the ground.

My feet are firmly on the ground. I’m loyal, affectionate, calm, artistic, stubborn, a little too attracted to food (really?)(I guess I didn’t know that…), and outside of that, all we want to do is bring harmony to the world, so it seems.

I say all that, but I don’t believe any of it for a second.

Scott? He’s a Scorpio. I know! How crazy is that! We have opposing signs, which that means that we’re perfect for each other. We are radically different but totally complimentary.

So when Scott told me he was a Scorpio, I almost jumped through the ceiling.

Even though I absolutely don’t believe in horoscopes.

Scott doesn’t buy it either. He’s such a guy with this kind of stuff, “My what? My sign? Uhhh… I dunno. Scorpio maybe?”

Well, that was until one day I read him his ‘scope in a drugstore (see the amazing photo at the end of this post) that said he is passionate, tenacious, mesmerizing (yeahhhh ok, mesmerizing to me I guess), complex, loyal… But also secretive, brooding, intense, dark, grumpy (really?)(I guess I didn’t know that…).

He looked up at me and ran his thumb over his eyebrow.
“Why do I get the impression that everything you’re saying is true**?” he said to me.

That’s it. That’s when I couldn’t help but confess that maybe I believed in it a little. No, I don’t read the horoscopes in Elle (and even less in Numeroscope. Seriously now, what’s this thing with the letters of the name? I mean c’mon), because predictions of the future are just not my thing.
But I do believe in it a little because people always seem to correspond terribly well with their sign. I can’t help but think whenever you tell me you’re a Pisces that you like to smoke a joint now and then, talk about philosophy for hours on end like my friend CC, or if you’re an Aquarius, you’ll enlighten me with your intelligence, like my mother, or if you’re a Scorpio, that we’ll crack up together and I’ll totally adore you. Anyway, I must be a little cuckoo cause there’s no reason you should be able to figure out someone’s personality with the stars (guys, the staaaaars!!!) so I was kind of hiding my little “sign” thing.

I mean, I have my reputation as a grounded Taurus to consider here.

Yeah, well, all I needed to do was move to New York to find people more cuckoo than me.

New Yorkers are nuts. (And that’s why I love them so much.)

Have you heard of Astrologyzone? Yep, there’s an app for it, of course. I should tell you that EVERYONE around me reads Astrologyzone. It’s so fashionable. Like, it’s so so very fashionable, more than burgundy and Kenzo sweaters.

It’s so fashionable that it’s completely justifiable that you’re humble servant (me) would talk about astrology on her fashion blog.

Here in NYC, everyone has their astrology theme made. Susan Miller (The guru behind Astrologyzone , who also happens to be a “Mother of” (which is way COOLER than being the “daughter of,” so over it) the VERY TRENDY Chrissie Miller who had her mother on her show the other day, which is on the same channel as the amazing (and OVERLY COOL COOLEST, I’m about to faint with so much coolness) Pharell Williams (Coolness side-note officially over) is the hipster idol. It’s like here it’s perfectly normal when someone invites you to lunch to say, “Hold on a sec, I have to check my astro-theme right quick.”

Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but it’s not far from that.

Ok, time to fess up. Are you a believer?
And what’s your sign? Do you think it represents you well?
Do you think we’d be friends? Ahahaha ;)


*Illustrate the zodiac signs? It’s hell for illustrators AND it’s the one thing that magazines ask for the most.
Here I’m thinking Taurus = horns = scarf that evokes horns. I couldn’t think of anything better, even with my amazing creative spirit of a Taurus. Haha!

** Ever since, when I tell him he’s too impulsive, he says “It’s not my fault! I’m a Scorpio!”

Yeah, I deserve it.

Translation : Tim Sullivan