I had some kind of major breakdown during Milan fashion week : “Aaaaaaargh I need to get my hair cut NOW!!!”

I sent out an SOS to Viviana, and she sent me to Davide Diodovich, who she works with on shootings and who cuts her beautiful hair.

The haircut went great (And Davide tells me, exactly like you do : let them curl and wear them dooooown !) but I also fell in love with his decor.

He just opened, and his salon is secretely nested in a beautiful building of the Via Tasso. He designed it by himself and he is just about to finish, but I had to show you a few images because I just loved the style so much, from the floral arrangements, to the floors, the objects…

Even the way he arranged his color tubes is artistic !

I love it.

Click on the arrows to see more images.

Davide Diodovich, Via Torquato Tasso 4, Milan Italy