I looooooove wool hats and I want to wear one this winter.
I love wool hats, but I never wear them. I just don’t have the hat science.

I’m asking myself a ton of questions. Questions such as:

Are there wool hat faces? (And others who should just give up?)
Are certain shapes of hats better for certain shapes of faces? (How do you choose them?)
Is it better your hat with hair up? Hair down?
Should you wear it on the back of your head (like Elin on the picture) or real tucked on you forehead?
Once you get where you wanted to be, do you have to take it off, or can you keep it inside? (Even if you hair is all flat and depressed after you wearing the hat?)

I know, I know, I know!!! I am so good at asking questions! Maybe it’s also because today I am supposed to fly back from L.A (where it’s full on summer) to New York (where it’s full on supersnow) but, tell me, how do you deal with hats?