There are girls who wear them just for the look.
There are girls, like me, who need them when they use their computer. But sometimes we wear them just for the look when we haven’t slept a wink and have dark circles down to our neck.
(There are also those who would never put them on, even if they can’t see anything at all.)
And then there are some who wear them all the time.

Among them are some of the girls who inspire me the most in terms of style. Jenna, Valentina, Lucy

I’m always intrigued with people who always have glasses on… It totally changes their face. When they take them off, you can barely recognize them. The glasses become part of their face just as much as it becomes part of their personality. Yves Saint Laurent, Woody Allen… You can barely picture them without glasses on.

I wonder if I could ever become one of those girls who always wears glasses. It happened to my mother, so we’ll just see. Honestly though, the thought doesn’t bother me at all.

How do you wear your glasses?


This crazy storm got something good out of me: I am becoming addicted to Pinterest! And I just started a “People With Glasses” board… Come check it out… And follow me!

Translation: Tim Sullivan