Ah, I have so much fun with my mini photo studio*!

Recently, I realized that I had jumped on the burgundy** trend without even knowing it was a trend, so I told myself that I had to show you a few of the things I had accumulated…

Of course, there are some accessories that I’ve had for a longtime, like this bag that I love with all my heart. Lately though, it has mysteriously made its reappearance on my shoulder.

Then, little by little, without even being conscious of it, I bought some sneakers, a pair of jeans, make up, and a few tops, all burgundy in color (one of which you’ve seen far too many times for me to show it to you again), telling myself all along that I was a super original girl with my eye for subtle and refined ideas in color tone.

And then one day, I came across and editorial in a magazine called “Burgundy” and I came to terms with the fact that I had been totally brainwashed and didn’t even realize it.

I even wondered if this whole burgundy thing wasn’t really just a bordeaux, repackaged with a much more sophisticated name.


The gods of fashion are dangerous.

Meh. Whatever. I love this color. It goes with everything. It’s sublime with grey (my favorite color for clothes***) and I wonder if I should buy a few more fabulous jeans from Topshop before the trend disappears.

Do you think you’ll still want it in two months?

Is Sandy going to take us all?****

Should I buy another pair of jeans?


*A white table in front of a window, professional isn’t it?

** Apparently, in English, it’s “burgundy” and in French, it’s “aubergine” (meaning eggplant). That info comes from a very credible source and by that I mean Grazia.

*** That said, what isn’t sublime with grey? Ha!

**** Today is kind of a vacation day in New York. Everyone is stuck at home waiting for Hurricane Sandy to pass. Yeah, some people are out clearing grocery store shelves while I’m sitting at home wondering if a need another pair of burgundy jeans.

Top, Marc Jacobs; Bag, Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola SC; Sneakers, Adidas; Jeans, Topshop Baxter; Nail Polish, Essie Berry Naughty; T-Strap Sandal, Cole Haan.