I just stepped foot into my apartment collapsed onto the couch, back from almost a month of fashion week. I have a small latte from Starbucks in my hand, the most regressive thing there is*, and I am wearing sweatpants from head to toe.

Can you picture the pure moment of bliss ???

Eyes half closed, I’m looking back on all of the moments of utter joy I lived at fashion week. And the little crappy moments, too. My highs and lows, if you will.

Ok, let’s start.

High: Meeting Karl. So nice, so funny, so intelligent, and so unsnobby I’ve decided I’d much like him to be my best friend. Now please.

Low: Karl saying to me, “Ah, Garance, you are very well dressed TO GO TO WORK.” Like I said, he’s very funny. Who cares if it’s at my expense?

High: Getting to Anna Dello Russo’s party, all excited, ready to dance all night.
Low : To find out we just missed Azealia Banks AND Anna Dello Russo descending down from the ceiling in a heart of flowers. Yeah, and then seeing everyone so excited, talking about how cool it was… Wanting to just sit down in the middle of it all and cry.
Deciding to leave.

High: Working with a team of dudes all day long. Making dirty jokes, being totally stupid, total roadie atmosphere. No better remedy for fashion weeks “Oh Myyyy Gaaaaaaad!!!”

High: Jalouse free ice cream at the entrance of the shows. So goood !

Low: The plywood benches at the Saint Laurent show whose splinters tore up my silk pants.
High: Who cares about my silk pants. It was worth it to be there.

Low: Getting yelled at by a bystander in front of a show, convinced I had “stolen a picture of him” and made me delete all the photos where you could kind of see him in the background. All this talking to me so, so, so bad.

High: The excitement at Dior. The wave of love for Raf Simons who has a reputation of being adorable and intelligent and grounded. I like when designers are so beloved like that. It fills the whole show with love.

High: Starting to find a rhythm. Starting to find some balance. Starting to find the most amazing team for Pardon My French. Nothing could make me happier than that. Total high !

Low: “Congrats on your Net-à-Porter campaign Garance! Wow, I didn’t recognize you! They did a great job at photoshopping right ?!” Mmmmmm. MERCI?
And it’s not even true. I have the original and it looks the same. Aaaaah, the friendliness of fashion. Oh. My. Gaaaaad.

Low: Openskies is done. Those of you who have ever flown with this company know what I’m talking about.

High: The croissant I ate every morning during fashion week telling myself each time that it was the last.

High: The fashion show photographers. They look like hardasses like that, but I know a few of them and they’re always so nice to me that I’d like to tell them a big hello. Bruno, the Pucci familly, Don, Sean, Valerio… You guys are the best !

Low: Being treated like a fashion show photographer at a fashion show.
Sometimes a security guy sees me with my giant camera and starts talking to me like I’m a runway photographer***. And I’ll tell you that sort of talk is anything but nice.
And then suddenly, even if I pull out my invite, he’ll get all nasty on me and push me. Yep. It’s happened. One time it was so violent I had to hold back tears.
It gives me so much respect for runway photographers who live that every day, and yet still, like I said earlier, continue to be so nice and smiling.
And frankly, without them, who would even see these fucking fashion shows?

High: Dries Van Noten, so beautiful. Valentino, Céline, Alexander McQueen.

High: Scott’s book signing at Colette. It’s always such a pleasure to meet you!!!

High : The moment when I saw myself on TV, and when I actually found myself… Pretty! Yeah that never happens so let me tell you without any fake modesty, this was a real high! Thanks to the make up artist, the hairdresser and the wonderful lighting at the Grand Journal.

High: Someone we didn’t know gave a FreeWifi (an allover the city Internet network that you can access only with a code – yeah no it’s not, actually, FREE) code to John, our editor, for no reason other than that he’s super cute and being good to your neighbor. Thank you, person I’ll never know, that code saved our fashion week multiple times, seeing the catastrophicity of the 3G reception is in Paris.

High: “Can I take a photo of your outfit?”
Low: “Can I get a photo of your shoes?”
Low (er) : “Can you move a little so I can take a picture of your friend?”

High: Caroline, Sophie, Lauren, Massoud, Suzanne, Emily, Violaine, Aurélie, Laure, Elisa, Viviana, Angelo, Scott, Alexandra, Anna, Selima, Jenna, Emmanuelle… Having you around really changes my life. That must be what experience feels like, too. Feeling supported.

Low: Gino, our executive producer that some of you love so much (he’s so cuuuuuuuuuute who is thaaaat?!) took a Pizza Hut bay window to the face. Result: Giant black eye. Yeah, we all got a good laught…. Afterward. You’ll see it in the last Fashion Week Diary. Don’t laugh though. He loves it.

High : Reading all your comments on my post “About Changes”. I always try not explain or justify my work, cause I feel it’s too easy. But reading all your feedback gave me all the energy I needed for fashion week. So thank you!!! High! High! High!


*Let’s be honest, that thing is basically a giant milk feeding bottle.
** Which I actually proudly am, but not really, I mean. Well it’s the Internet, it’s new ways of showing fashion week, and hard to categorize.

Translation : Tim Sullivan