I love, no but I love so much the cool and ironic touch a cap can give to an outfit (and even the most sophisticated outfits) that I secretely bought two of them. They are quietly waiting for their moment to shine.

The thing is, I don’t know that I should really wear them. Of course it’s beautiful on a model (here, Bette Franke after the Hermès show) but, mmm, on me, wouldn’t it make me look like “the girl that wants so desperately to look cool that she’s pathetic?”

I don’t know…

At the same time, I kinda rocked the style a while ago, when it was not even a trend yet! (OMG I am such a trendsetter I think I am going to open a blog or something.)

BUT now that the style has totally been seen everywhere on the streetstylistas (ouch did i just invent the most ugly word ever?) (but so true?) (but so ugly?) during fashion week, isn’t it too late?

DID FASHION WEEK kill my fashion forwardness? Eeeeeeuh crap.

(All right, all right. You got me. This post was totally written from the airport on my iPhone on my way back -yeeeeey!- to NYC. I woke up so early I am stupid, pretentious AND I look like a sea monster).

But anyway. What do you think?

Cap or no cap?