I’ve always loved short hair on women. It gives personality, it’s pretty sensual, it frees your neck… And your schedule.

That’s the reason why one day, on a whim*, I cut it all.

It was such a weird sensation, extremely freeing, very cool. I got used to it pretty fast**. I loved it,

kept it that way for four or five years, and then one day, I felt like I wanted to grow it back.

Ah, GROWING IT BACK… Isn’t that the one thing we fear the most when you cut your hair? These awkward lengths that are almost impossible to deal with and that you can’t cut?

We were talking about that with Laurel (above) because she told me she was starting to let her hair grow back…

So I wanted to tell you, personally, I loved growing it back. I loved it so much that sometimes I cut it just to have fun growing it back. I loved to have to find a new hairdo every couple of weeks. I liked when they were a little crazy and messy. I would use bobby pins, headbands, scarves… I have very good memories***.

I mean, isn’t Laurel extra irresistible with her turban headband?

There ! Just to tell you that, if one day, you feel like chopping your hair, think about it a little, but don’t worry too much. Cutting it is the only way to know if it’ll suit you. And if you don’t like it, just know it’s no drama. And hair grows back so faaaaast…

Have you ever thought about cutting your hair short ?


PS : I think that I have a picture of me while I was growing my hair out, it’s the one from my driving licence. I am going to go check if I have it in my luggage, and if so, I’ll mini-post it to you later. If you’re interested !

* And after one memorable aperitivo.

** So ok, for curly girls like me, just know that there, as usual, no magic. Your hair will still be curly when it’s are short and so… It’ll get puffy. You can tame it with hair gel or… straighten it. I know, it never ends.

*** So ok, some of my friends may or may not have called me Astro, but I always took that as a compliment.