Okay, it’s no time to hide: today is the start of fashion week.

You don’t even want to see how crazy my schedule is.
And because of that, I’m trying to get myself a little more organized in terms of fashion and beauty so I can think about it less when the time comes.

And I’ve prepared an all-terrain make-up case for all of my essentials.

When I unpacked everything, I thought it was all so pretty and I should take a photo. So here’s my list of make-up essentials and of course, what I love so much about each one!!!

My Foundation, By Terry
To be honest, it’s the brush that first got me. I jumped at it because I hate putting on foundation with my fingers, and it became my favorite because it’s light and really easy to wear. Super essential.

My Touche Éclat, Yves Saint Laurent
Total total essential. I’ve had unconditional love for Radiant Touch forever now. I use it as concealer and on top of my cheeks and under my eyebrows. My sister showed me that and it provides some really great results. I’ll have to make a little tutorial for you!

My Terracotta, Guerlain
I know, welcome to the most classic of classics. I don’t wear it every day but when I want a little touch of sun, I think it’s perfect.

My blush, Chanel
To be honest #2, I love Chanel packaging and that alone is enough for me. The brush is included and even if it’s too small compared to my crazy blush usage (I love blush so much, I put on so much of it, it’s the ONE thing I’d bring on a desert island), it’s so easy to carry around.

My loose powder, Chanel
Loose powder is a miracle that people should talk about more. It’s the secret to sublime and and velvety skin. It’s annoying to travel with but totally worth it!

My eye pencil, Mac
A small line on my upper eyelid in the morning, and a thicker coat that I just smudge with my finger for an easy “smoky” for at night and I’m ready to go. If I still need something more….

Eye Shadow, Nars
To be applied with a special beveled pencil that I unfortunately lost and isn’t in this photo. So easy to use that I definitely need to find it so I can show you.

Eyelash Curler, Sephora
This is total magic. Whenever I curl my eyelashes, I feel them touch my upper eyelid. It’s almost like having fake lashes. I love it!

Mascara, L’Oréal
I love that it separates and elongates my lashes in a super precise way. I have two million mascaras that all claim to do the same thing and I love almost all of them. My only secret? Put two layers on and make sure to get all the little lashes in the corner!

Brushes, Sephora
Simple and great, you just have to make sure to get the amazing one I told you about up top.

Lipstick, Nars
Skin-colored, super discrete, but makes for sensual lips.

Lip Balm, Dior
I’ve talked about this one here. It’s still just as good and still smells just as good.
So cute I just take it everywhere with me.

Clear nail polish, OPI
During fashion week, any color on your fingernails is a no-no. You work so much and it chips so quickly and you never have time to stop in for a manicure. So, clean and clear nails are the way to go.

Toiletry bag, Monoprix
I had to include Monoprix in here!!! Like every Frenchie, I looooove Monoprix. And don’t even get me started on Beauty Monop’ (I had one right next to me when I lived on rue Oberkampf). I miss it so much!

There you go! All my essentials!!! If I have these with me, I know I’ll be in good shape…

Do you have your own list? What’s the makeup that you just can’t leave home without?

By Terry Light-Expert Foundation #3, YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch 2.5 Luminous Vanilla, Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder 00, Chanel Jouse Contraste Powder Blush in 70 Tumulte, Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre Natural Finish Loose Powder in 47 Féérie, MAC Smolder Eye Kohl, NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Brumes, Sephora Eyelash Curler, L’Oreal Telescopic Clean Definition Mascara in Black, Christian Dior Creme de Rose Balm, OPI Start to Finish Polish, NARS Satin Lipstick in Bilbao