Scott’s second book just came out, woop, woop!

So I thought that it was high time for me to reveal a few secrets about Scott.

Like did you know that….

1 – He’s like Victoria Beckham.
Super funny and totally self-deprecating in real life (it’s the ONE thing that I’m most drawn to in others), but he never smiles in photos.

The reason? He can’t fake smile. So if a photographer asks him to smile in a photo, he asks the photographer to tell him something funny. And that works about… zero percent of the time.

2 – He found his call.
Professionally, nothing makes him feel better than when he’s on the streets with his camera. You can feel that that’s what he’s meant to do. When he’s happy, he heads out to shoot. When he’s upset, he heads out to shoot. When it’s raining, it looks up at the sky to see when it might clear… So he can go out to shoot.

3 – He seems grumpy.
I always crack up when I run into him on the street (yes, it happens often enough because he’s always walking around) because he always seems so upset with his furrowed brow.
The truth? He can’t see very well. And his glasses mess him up when he’s taking photos so he doesn’t wear them. So he’s always furrowing his brow and looking upset.

4 – He’s a real blond.

5 – In the future, we’ll be buried by books.
A good day for Scott is any day he got a good photo… and bought a new book.
There are art books and photo books everywhere in our house. I love it. I learn so much but I’m worried that one day, I’ll be swallowed whole by books and disappear.

6 – That said, he’s already figured out a solution.
His dream for when he gets older and can’t take pictures anymore is to open a little bookshop just for art and photos books, hidden from the street with a secret address where he could talk about books with anyone who walks in the door.

Not necessarily sell them anything as parting with any of them would hurt his heart each and every time.

7 – Ice Cream.
His favorite thing in the world is ice cream. Luckily, he does an hour of fitness every day… to go get the ice cream.

8 – He once sewed a dress right onto my body.
It was 3 minutes before an important evening and the zipper broke. I was crying out hysterically, we’re talking Bridesmaids style here, not knowing that I had a secret weapon: Scott can sew perfectly well. He studied fashion – and costume construction: he wanted to be a designer. (He then came to understand he didn’t have the talent for it so he went out looking for something he did…)

9 – He’s very straightforward.
When you ask him a question, he responds. He’s not the type to have canned answers for interviews. He doesn’t hesitate to call things like he sees them. Sometimes, he’s right, sometimes wrong. You get what you see and he’s got nothing to hide. Sometimes it comes back to bite him and you can see it hurts him deep down.

I tell him that it’s just how it is, that he is how he is. Then he smiles at me, and heads out to shoot.

10 – He loves sports.
He listens to ESPN and loves all the commentators’ heated conversations. It inspires him to create conversations on his blog.

11 – He does an amazing robot dance (Or at least he thinks so).

12 – He’s a visionary.
He’s able to hear through the noise of life. He sees the emotion involved, in the people, in all things. He translates that in his pictures. He saw right away the emotion they created on the internet. He understood where it could go.

He’s always thinking of the future and how he wants to be remembered.

It gives incredible strength to his work.

These are just a few reasons I love his work and his new book, which is even better than the first.

And because of all the incredible photos, of course…


PS : We’re having a little party Friday night that’s open to the public at the James Danziger Gallery (527 W 23rd St, NYC) if you want to come say hello! 6 pm!

Translation : Tim Sullivan