Welcome to my new blooooooog!!!

I’m so excited! Finally, finally, finally!

Alex, Emily, my friends at Colorz and I have been working oh so hard on an even prettier and more user-friendly blog.
Ok, let’s start :

Check out this cool new stuff:

The mini-post : Raaaaaah! All of us here at the studio are as excited as puppies about the new mini-posts. The idea is to keep everything that has made this blog what it is, that is to say the chronological flow of the content, and continue what I’ve done from the start: been the sole author of every last bit of content (images, texts, illustrations, and videos)…

But on top of that, I wanted to add little tidbits and pieces of inspiration, videos that make us laugh, quotes we love, and be able to talk a little about life at Garance Doré Studio. Most times I’ll write these and sometimes it’ll be the team here at the Studio (Emily, for example, has been trying out classes at Ballet Beautiful. She’ll tell you more about it later. Alex has been running from showroom to showroom and she’s always got somethings to show us). Even sometimes it’ll be from you, if we ever find a comment to be amazing, or funny, or whatever! There’s so much out there to share!

They’ll be very well differentiated from the traditional posts (not on a white background, never at the top of the screen) and not posted in any particular order.

The feed: Between Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, and all the various forms of media that have entered our lives these past years, sometimes we all get a little lost.

I wanted the blog to stay the foremost destination for you to find everything I’m up to, and so we’ve put together a feed where you can see everything I’m posting throughout the day. If you so chose, you can even open it in a new window and keep it up on your desktop all day long!!! Just click on the little footer of the box.

The categories : It started to get super complicated to find old posts and I get distressed messages all the time now: “Garance! I can’t find the Rome City Guide anywhere! I know you did one but it’s nowhere to be found and I LEAVE TOMORROW!!!”
We re-did all the former categories and hope that it’ll be easier to navigate.
Of course, we’ve optimized the search bar and are being better with tags to make the blog more of a pleasure to get around.

The newsletter : Subscribe to the newsletter! It’ll start soon with some exclusive content – and always super funny – I mean, we hope x- I’m hoping to get one out every month, and not bury you with more e-mails.

There you go. Those are all the most important new things. We also put in a floating bar at the top of the page so you can find the menu and share the posts easier (but mostly because it’s pretty. I even came up with my own monogram – okay, maybe I just grabbed my initials from my logo and put them together.) and of course, of course, we want your feedback!

You all know the drill… The first week, there’s always a few bugs, so please be patient.
Also, a new site takes time to get up and running, sometimes a full 24 hours.
To make it go a little faster, try emptying out your browser’s cache.

Okay, that’s enough geek stuff!!!

Tell me what you think and tell me that you love it ;-)

Translation : Tim Sullivan