So here’s quite a difference…

The engagement ring.

World, it’s time you know this… We frenchies are really too nice.

No seriously!!! We’ll marry you, yep, just like that, without any big deal. All you have to do is ask us nicely and bam, a few months later, you’re married. Well, I guess we have to love you like crazy too. What I’m getting at is that for us, the ring is not extra important.

Especially when you compare it to the colossal importance it has for New Yorkers.

You’ll realize it some when you watch American rom-coms. They all revolve around marriage. Just look! Bridesmaids, Sex & the City, Bachelorette, My Best Friend’s Wedding, The Holiday… Engagements, marriage, all that, it’s not a joking matter. It’s one of the most important things in people’s lives here. The whole ceremony and everything is taken super seriously. You’ll never hear someone say in New York, as you’d hear in France:

“Oh, are we getting married? I dunno. We’ll see…”

Even the most rebellious get married. Even Marilyn Manson gets married.

And even more so, New Yorkers get engaged. The engagement ring…. Oh my Gawd. I wouldn’t want to be a man in this situation. The engagement ring is an object at the center of quite a bit of hysteria.

Because to give someone a ring you have to have:

-The place (yes, because unless everything is super planned out, it means you’re not really in love.)
-There’s how you ask (I’m getting that whether or not you fall on one knee isn’t really an option.)
-And of course there’s what kind of ring you get (I’m getting that it’s not only the thought that counts…)

At first, since I was my usual very annoyingly judgmental self-respecting Frenchie, I thought it was all silly. Such pressure and such a lack of romance!!! And such anguish! So many ways to ruin everything!!! It’s not about love, it’s about commercialism – and then everyone compares the size of their diamonds. Barf… Pfff. Etc.

But in the end, I think it’s all sort of touching. I realized that yeah, there’s a cultural different here, but it is definitely, deeply about romance.

It’s romance the American way. Without an affected modesty. It’s cinematic, over flowing, bigger than life. I spoke with a few guys who told me that the ring is super important to them, pressure and all. They wanted it just as bad as the women. And my American girlfriends wouldn’t want anybody to take away the dream of unique and infinite love.

What do you all think? How do you get engaged in your corner of the world? Are you waiting with held breath for someone to propose to you? Or could you care less?

Or, are you like me, and you’re changing from one to another?

Okay, for all of you judgmental Frenchies like me, here’s a message an American friend of mine – female powaaaaa – gave me to tell you: If you like it then you’d better put a ring on it! Said differently, if your man loves you, he better prove it!!! Yeeeeeeah, powaaaah!

Disclaimer #1 : The angel in the photo up top is an actress named Gaia Weiss. This photo was taken in Cannes when she was trying on a Chopard ring… It has nothing to do with her personal life.
Disclaimer #2 : Nooooo! Don’t you even start hypothesizing about my personal life!!! This post has nothing to do with my personal life.
Disclaimer #3 : What do you mean “I have no personal life” ? Okay… I hear you. I’ll keep you updated ;-)

Oh my GAWD look at that video Joya posted in the comments. Not to put any pressure on you guys ;)