As soon as I saw Nura’s top, I immediately asked her to take her jacket off for me. I was lucky because she went ahead and did it and you get to admire her eyed top all which I think is just fabulous. 

Why do I think it’s so fabulous? I think some of it is that I’d never let myself wear anything like that!!! It’s like Amanda Brooks’ top in this video, stripped with two hearts on her chest. I just love it.
But you know, let’s be honest here…

Never would I dare leave my house in it.

Actually, here, hold on. I’m going to go take a quick look in my closet… Okay, the CRAZIEST thing I have in my closet is…

Actually, I think it’s this Dior bag.
And my fluorescent Louboutins
And my spotted Kate Spade heels. Ok, none of that is super extra fun.

Yet still, every time I wear these, someone stops me on the street and says super nice things. It’s fun to wear something that pops.

Is my taste too classic? I wonder sometimes…

What about you? What’s the craziest thing in your closet?