How do you go about writing a column for Vogue?

Honestly, I had no idea. I used to dream about having my own column in a magazine I love like all my idols. I think back to Françoise Sagan, Nora Ephron or Woody Allen…

I thought it would be the greatest, coolest, most awesome thing ever. It would give me a chance to write in a different way, longer texts, more thought out, different than I do on the blog, but still staying super personal. But I knew it was the kind of thing that you don’t pitch to someone, they come to you with it.

Of course I dreamt of Paris Vogue, but I’ve got lots of dreams… Direct a film, learn to surf, write a song, start painting again, write a
cookbook with my father… Lots of them.

Sometimes it’s good just to dream though, you know?

And then one day after a runway show, Emmanuelle Alt said to me, “Why don’t we grab a coffee sometime.

Coffee? Ummm…. Of course! Every time we run into each other, Emmanuelle is so great. She’s so funny, cool, interesting, all of it. Of course, I’m still a little starstruck with her but I’ve grown since starting the blog, so I am able to keep my composure around her.
… Most of the time at least.
And then some other times it happened that I try a joke that misses its mark by a few hundred yards.

It’s just that I admire her. I get the impression that there’s a lot I can learn from her, like how to find my place in fashion, or how to be a modern woman, or how to wear skinny jeans.

So one day, when I was in Paris, I scheduled to meet her for a coffee. I arrived at the offices of Paris Vogue, went into her big white office where she was finishing a conversation with Capucine (the beautiful fashion & marketing editor). I didn’t really know where to sit or stand. (I decided years ago that my shyness was never really holding me back)(so I just stayed where I was…)

We chatted a little, laughed, and then she turned to me and said “Garance, would you want to write a column for us?”

Now, in the 6 years I’ve had my blog, it wasn’t the first time I’d been offered to work with a magazine. It wasn’t actually the first time I’d been asked to work with Vogue Paris, but in the past, it had never felt like it was the right time or the right job. Sometimes, even a very prestigious offer can feel like it’s not the right place for you and in that case, even if it hurts to say no, I try to go with what I feel in my gut.

This time it felt perfect. I got so excited I thought I was going to explode. But I just said :

“I’d love to!”

(It was no time to play hard to get.)

She told me what she was picturing and then called Olivier Lalanne, the amazing adjunct editor-in-chief of Paris Vogue, and the three of us all talked together.

I left our coffee date. I couldn’t believe my ears. With no warning, my dream became reality.
I could write about whatever I’d like. Be as free as you’d like, they told me. Don’t try to change the way you write. Don’t try to be “Vogue.” It’s your voice we want.

Voilà. And the rest you can imagine… Write, doubt, rewrite, redoubt, reread, change everything, and end up sending everything in and then die of anxiety right after clicking “send.” Then you want to unsend the e-mail to change one sentence (maybe if I hop on a plane to Paris right now – who cares if it’s 2 a.m.? – and sneak into the Vogue offices – I know how to get the door open with a paperclip – I’ll be just in time to delete the e-mail that I so stupidly sent.)

And then you wait. You wait and tell yourself that they hated it but whatever, it’s fine, move on. You wait and tell yourself that it’s all going to work out. It’ll be fine… You wait. You wait.

And then one day, you get an e-mail that says, “We loved it!” and you run off to wake up Scott with your news.

I still haven’t come down off my cloud. Well, I guess I have, but just to work on my second column. I hope the third soon! Wahoo!

My first column was in September’s Vogue, along with a very cool redesign of the layout. Thank you to everyone who has already sent me e-mails and tweets and saying they enjoyed it. Nothing brings me more joy… I’ll try to see if I can have the column translated and published here. Much love ! G