I love Violaine. I love her look, her short hair with her earings…
I was the same way with short hair, always wearing earrings to add a fancy touch…

I love how chic she is and I love her Frenchitude. I’m just so delighted whenever we get together for coffee.

Because if there’s one thing about Frenchies I miss the most, it’s the super cheekiness of conversations. No one hesitates or is nervous to say anything on their mind. Everyone vehemently gives her opinion and we fight, we laugh… It’s all so lively.

Like take this, this past time we met up, I dared bring up a few things:
I was telling her just how much I hate hate hate Jeffrey Campbell’s Lita, you know those boots with the huuuuuge platform that were all over the blogs two years ago, when suddenly she admits to me, half-dramatically, half-cracking up, “You know, I used to have a pair of Jeffrey Campbell’s too.”

I was outraged… “Noooooooo, that’s terrible! How could you do this to me?! You’ve betrayed me!!! (?)”

She just cracked up, “Ahahaha! I’m not kidding though!”

So I thought it would be good to ask her to write a little story about how she fell for that horrendous trend.
She did.

I’ll post it for you this afternoon.

In the meantime, if you love these shoes and have worn them and still love them, feel free to vehemently explain it to me, like a true Frenchie!!!

Translation: Tim Sullivan