All right ! After long debates about the way to make you win a few of these sublaaaaaaaime Kate Spade iPhone cases (which are already out of stock, uhoh !) we decided that the best thing to do would be to have you participate in our team work…

Cause right now, we are working on season II of Pardon My French at fashion week, and we’re asking oursleves so many questions, that we thought we could ask them to you too. Here they are :

Which were your favorite moments of season one ?
Why did you like them ?
Any idea of a feature you would like to see in our future videos ?
Who would you like for me to meet in the new season ?

If you want to refresh your memory, all of the videos are here.

Ok so the answer should be posted in the comments, they can be long, short, funny… They only thing is that they have to be a little bit realistic, because we are really going to use them !

We will choose three of them and include them in the next season of Pardon My French.

That way, not only do you win a super cool iPhone case, but you also see your idea on screen.

Youhou ! We really thought that one out, hope you like it ! And can’t wait to read your answers!