Of course, while I’m in the middle of editing my photos of underwear, Scott walks right by me and asks “Soooo, what kind of photos are those that you’re working on, are you sure you’re all right?” which made me doubt the merits of this post for a few seconds, but no worries, I got right back on the bandwagon. It’s just like a spinoff of yesterday’s post: a little shameful, but so goooood!

So here’s a classic: white cotton underwear. The sexiest and most comfortable thing in the world.

Especially since seamless microfiber has come unto the market, they’ve become even sexier and more comfortable because it’s like a breath of fresh air for your cheeks (actually, someone breathing on my cheeks isn’t my favorite image I’ve ever had). Even though I feel like some people are addicted to cotton. Everyone has their thing, I guess.

Oh by the way, why is it so sexy? It’s the innocence! It’s like you didn’t even think about it and boom, right there, you’re fresh, innocent and super extra sexy. Ask your boyfriend!

It’s the most basic of basics. You can get them flesh colored as well to put under transparent clothes, but really, white is the prettiest.

That’s my opinion at least.

Maybe not yours. How do you all chose your regular daily underwear?

Translation : Tim Sullivan