This post kind of makes no sense. Just warning you, in case you end up wondering.


I mean I did pretty great.

I left for a month. I went to Rome, Florence, Milan, Paris, Rio, Sao Paulo, Ajaccio, Porto Vecchio and then again to Paris. I knew that I was only allowed one suitcase on a few of my flights so I had to be super minimalist.

Oh here, let me give you a few techniques I’ve learned because I get a lot of e-mails asking for packing advice.
So in my suitcase weighing no more than 50 lbs (the max) for the entire month (!!!)(Kill me now!) I put:

  • Thin white t-shirts. They’re light and you can easily wash them by hand.
  • In the same vein, I recommend washing your underwear by hand. It takes three seconds before bed and they’re dry by morning (My sister, the Perfecta Laetitia, taught me this one).
  • White denim shorts. They get dirty easily, but they go with everything (and you can make your mother wash them as soon as you get to Corsica).
  • Two pairs of jeans (one white, one cream). Not the most practical, but I’m just so obsessed with white these days.
  • A cashmere cardigan. (wool works too, it’s just that cashmere makes it sound more “fashion model advice!”)
  • My military jacket, which works with everything.
  • A black blazer.
  • Classy pajamas that I have to show you so I can putz around all classy like (even though I sleep naked, like all top models) on vacation.
  • A nice party outfit. Skirt + Peter Pilotto shirt, can be separated if needed.
  • A white dress shirt, this one actually. Amazing, light, and goes with everything. Wear it to the beach or around town.
  • A few silk shirts. Yeah, they’re light but they get wrinkly super fast. To avoid it, don’t fold them. Lay them flat, one on top of the other, right at the bottom of your suitcase. They’re super easy to wash by hand as well and they dry well if you put them nicely on a hanger.
  • One workout outfit (which I wore only once. SHAME.)
  • A travel outfit (sweatpants, ballet flats, scarf).
  • Ah yes! Two men’s shirts, light and huge. I wear them during long shoots to protect me from the sun (+ my SPF50)(buttoned up all the way up my neck)(with sleeves down to my hands). Paranoid much?
  • And then two pairs of sandals, one pair of heels, one pair of slippers, a scarf, and a few random things and there you go!

You know what kills me every time though? Toiletries…

I am just not the kind to pack them well without a whole bunch of little Muji containers.

Soooo, I kind of end up bringing 25 liters of SPF 50, 45 hair products, big pschiiiiiiit of Evian… All of it.

But still, I had done pretty great.

Except by the end of it I couldn’t stand any of my clothes anymore. After a month of wearing the same stuff and even if you found a good way to wash everything, and even after a week of a fashion strike, you want to commit suicide when you look inside your Rimowa.

Quick side note. Rimowa is a super pricey metal suitcase that’s supposed to last a lifetime. After this trip, it was just as beat up as I was.
Wheels broken, metal torn (srsly) and the little clasps totally crushed. And it just so happens that the guarantee doesn’t work in New York, jerks. I was lucky that it didn’t explode in the bottom of the plane.

What we’re leading up to here is that the last day of the last part of my trip from hell, I had no idea what to wear. Everything seemed dirty, ugly, so played out, blah, I was so tired of everything and I knew I was going to be filmed that day (for the behind-the-scenes of the shoot)(oh hell, getting filmed when you’re taking photos is the worst. You’re already ugly enough)(and compared with the top models all around me)(in a giant men’s shirt + SPF 50), yet still I was so suitcase depressed that put on my comfy travel pants – you see just how low I had fallen.

And it wasn’t like… Isabel Marant sweatpants with high heels and everything like in 2010, nope. Flats and only a t-shirt that barely survived the suitcase explosion.

And you know what?

(and that’s where this post turns into a free fall, but who cares, I’m going on with it)

Everyone loved my outfit.

(I know, a weak ending to an all-over-the-place post. Keep this up and I’ll have to start writing shows for Gossip Girl)

But seriously, everyone liked it.

(just an FYI, whenever I repeat something like that, it really just means I’m trying to figure out what to write next)

Everyone: the hair-stylist, the camera man, the artistic director, Lou Doillon, the baker, everyone.

(you think I’m kidding about the baker because of the ridiculousness of my story, but I’m not. That part’s all truth)

As far as I’m concerned, I packed my bags like a pro.