How to dress DOWN for summer…

Ever since I got to Corsica, I’ve been on a fashion strike. I was so tired of overflowing suitcases that I went to Corsica just like that, without even a bathing suit.
Yeah, okay, if truth be told, it’s a pretty stylish style strike.
Especially if you take into account the grunge comeback going on.

What are you saying? Grunge is NOT making a comeback?

Okay, here look….

I’ve been on a hair strike too, but that’s an entirely separate post.

Here are my newest techniques:

1/ I go on vacation to my parents house and so I find tons of my old outfits that are all a bit dated, like an old pair of 501s that I made into jean shorts and a pair of jean shorts are all you need for summer.

2/ I steal my little sister’s hats. Hats are so in right now and hers are nicely vintage. Okay, so maybe hers are Abercrombie & Fitch and it hurts to wear them anytime past 14 years old, but I’ve got all summer to make it cool to wear Abercrombie & Fitch hats as an adult, unless my little sister wants them back before my new trend takes off.

3/ I take a stroll around the market and buy a whole bunch of fun stuff, 10 euros or less or it’s not a fashion strike
– A wicker tote, the least sophisticated possible because outside of the movie I’ll put together in my head when I buy it (yeah, you can see it too: I’ll play Jane Birkin and Scott is Serge Gainsbourg and I walk all around with a wicker tote, even right downtown!), I’LL NEVER BRING IT ALL THE WAY HOME. It just wouldn’t make sense with all the baggage.
– A military jacket, military shorts, NOT TO BE WORN AT THE SAME TIME, and white military t-shirts to be worn every day. At the surplus store, they’re next to nothing.
– Plastic jellyfish shoes. So great. I’ll never wear them at all because who really wants to put her feet in so much plastic, but I thought I had to fill you in on this little purchase.

4/ I went out to the tool shed back home and found an old work shirt with a good amount of wear and tear, perfectly Balmain like…

(Parenthesis of shame: I give it to my mother to wash first)(yep)

5/ I borrow a sarong from my mom (ah, mom, such a key figure of my vacation) and it serves as a towel, dress, AND a turban when my little sister bugs me to give her hats back.

6/ I live my entire life in one pair of shoes, my Rondinis.

7/ As for the swimsuit? I find a local brand, Carioca, not bad at all (quality only so-so but the cut is perfect).

8/ Hmmm, I think that’s all. No need for anything else, it’s a style strike.

9/ Makeup? Mascara.

10/ Jewelry? Colored electric cords.

Is it time to head back to New York and find my fashion mojo again? Hmmmm not so sure. What do you think?

Translation : Tim Sullivan