You know, I love all things collage, journals, fancy paper, fancy fonts…

So when it came time to make my own stationery (an attempt to be perfectly well brought up, and send my thank you notes on time – which is a whole other story, because just having the right paper DOES NOT guarantee that the notes go out in a timely fashion), I had tons of ideas.

I needed some craft paper, tracing paper, some gold paper, I wanted to include illustrations, but not always the same ones, something more personalized… I wanted people to get a note that was more like a mini-gift.

Yep, and it’s not exactly easy to find people who can do all of that, so it took some time.

[and I’ll spare you the description of the months of desperation because I’m really not the type to get desperate about this sort of thing. I’m so the anti-Martha Stewart.]

Long story short, one day, I found it. A friend of mine showed me some cards she had and I found them as beautiful as they were unique.

“Thunderwing Press!” She told me.

I called them and they came by to see our studio and a few weeks later, I finally had my thank you cards, exactly as I imagined them.

And since they’re oh so nice, they invited me to take a tour of their studio in Garrison, an hour outside New York.

I loved it. They work as a pair and not only do they make prints, but Thunderwing is an amazing design studio as well.

Here’s a few photos of their studio, with some of their pieces I loved most.

Next time, I’ll ask them to think up my entire project!

On that, I’ll let you go. I’ve got a few thank you notes to attend to.

What do you all do for your thank you notes?

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Translation : Tim Sullivan