I was looking at this photo of Caroline de Maigret, taken at the Chanel cruise collection. I love her look, her expression, and those bangs, oh oh oh, those bangs!

They’re great, right?

I could never have bangs like that. It just wouldn’t work with my curly hair. But of course, stubborn as I am, I tried it… And what happened was the planned catastrophe, it took six months to grow back. And when the hair finally grew back, many bobby pins later, all my friends would say to me, “Garance, we told you so.” It was terrible.

Never again! There are a few other things, to my great disappointment, that I’ll never be able to do.

I know because I know because I know that…

I’ll never be a redhead.

Never. And everyone agreed on that… Except me.

But when the amazing Christophe Robin, color magician with whom I had the chance to have an appointment with last time I was in Paris, told me to my face, “I’m sorry. You’re going to be disappointed but… Your color is perfect for you,” I had to digest the truth.

And there I was dreaming that he would have some stroke of inspiration that would change my life, something like, “I can see you being a most brilliant shimmery redhead. Let’s do it right away!” And so I answered: “No way, I’m happy just as I am.” (You just broke my heart Christophe)(Before you died my hair a wonderful brown, of course)(BUT STILL, IT’S BROWN)

I’ll never be perfectly slim.

Never. Never, never, never I’ll never be one of those girls who do nothing and still look perfect. Yes, they exist. It’s not a myth. I know some, my sister for example. She is naturally skinny. For me though, I always have to put forth some effort. Exercise, make sure I eat right, all that (crying on the inside, INJUSTICE OF A LIFETIME).

I’ll never be organized.

If I ever tell you that I’m organized, I’m lying to you.

Don’t worry though, I’ll also be lying to myself, trying a little self-persuasion, telling myself that one day I’ll be capable of putting my t-shirts with my t-shirts and my jewelry in its little box and have all my papers in order by date.
When in actuality, messy one day = messy always.
Even my mother, who tried so hard when I was young (and one day threw most of my bedroom out the window)(ok, she had been threatening it for two years)(and ok, my bedroom was on the ground floor) has finally given up the fight.

I had some proof yesterday: she came into my room (yep, I’m back at home in Corsica!!!) and said to me “AH, HOW LOVELY. YOU’VE MADE YOUR OWN LITTLE UNIVERSE AGAIN!” and she wasn’t even ironic!

I mean, you have to understand… The entirety of my suitcase is strewn all over the room; my nomadic office (four hard drives, a drawing tablet, two cameras, a computer, three converters, three telephones, four lenses… etc…) is spread out on my bed and then I even took my shower this morning without checking BEFORE (which any normal person would’ve done) that there towels in my bathroom.

Result: Me crying out, dripping wet on the stairs, naked “Emergency!!! Towel please!!!” And that’s me. Everyone who knows me is cracking up because this all just me.

Bah, I’m assuring myself that at least I know my own limits (there are a ton others, but these are the first few that came to my mind – but like, just for another example, I can barely do math).
Know that though, I’m able to concentrate that much more on the things I can really improve on (I’ll never be a redhead, but I can have wonderfully healthy looking hair)(maybe one day)(I’ll never be organized, but by being conscientious, I can try not to put my mess on others)(oh poor Scott) and let go of the battles that I’d lose before even starting.

Do you have stuff like this that you just have to let go?

Translation: Tim Sullivan