I was strolling through the streets of Florence, seeking a shopping high, and while licking the windows* of some of my favorite brands, I saw the most sublime items… that were all for winter. And not like, chilly late summer nights winter, nope. We’re talking full on winter coats, wool, boots, scarves, FUR.

It was 95 degrees outside.

I walked into Luisa Via Roma and it was the same thing there. I looked around for summer clothes for 10 minutes and found nothing. When I asked about them, someone told me the spring-summer collections were gone after a short season-end sale.

But summer only just started!, I said.
And she said that it’s the clients who always ask for the new collections. They love to buy things in advance.

I didn’t have it in me to go trying on any coats, so I left empty handed.

I kept walking and strolled right into an H&M.

At H&M, summer was in full bloom. Graphic T’s, swimsuits, tons of lighter fare that matched the season. Finally!!!! A place that speaks to my summer fantasies.

Seriously, sometimes I don’t get the strategies of luxury brands. I am sure it is really well researched, this whole season change-up thing, but I sometimes get the impression that the mass market brands have a better idea of what their clients want.
Or is it just simply that the client is super different? And likes to plan her winter wardrobe right at the start of summer?

As for me, I can’t do it.

And so then, when September rolls around and I get super excited to go explode my budget for some brand new clothes, there’s never anything left.

What about you? Do you want to start buying turtlenecks in June?


*Why, that’s how we call it in France, it’s called lèche-vitrine !

PS: I made this illustration for the cover of WWD Japan, it’s inspired by Céline’s beautiful winter coats.