I don’t know what exactly these sunglasses have going for them, but one thing’s for sure: you guys liked ’em. After we published Pardon My French in Cannes, I had at least 180 emails in my inbox (ok, 10) and got 243 comments (ok, 3) asking me what the brand of my shades was.

Good thing as I was depressed over the video (as I always do when I watch my videos) thinking that the sunglasses looked terrible on me and what was I thinking getting these terrible frames and what a lack of style and you get the picture…


#1 : Thank you from the bottom of my ego. No no depression anymore.
#2 : The sunglasses are from a Japanese brand from Tokyo. Hold on, let me see here…
#3 : Ah dammit. I think I lost the sunglasses. Seriously, I don’t know where they are. I just got back to my hotel room and…
Ah, whatever. I’m going to bed (it’s 1:30 in the morning and I am jumping around like crazy – jet lag. Time to shut down this computer) and I’ll look for them tomorrow – they’re probably just on the beach.

[Let’s take note here something awesome about traveling to Japan: it’s one of the only countries from where you can bring back really great stuff (accessories, clothes, and I’m not talking of whatever the local liquor is) that you can’t find anywhere else. They’ve got as much Zara and Gap as anyone else, but they also have tons of local brands that are really exciting.

No because really, one of the best things about traveling back in the day (In my time, hello Gaga grandma) was going shopping and bringing back tons of stuff that no one else could find (and make all your friends jealous)(or bring them back a gift, your choice).

And then now, all the boutiques are pretty much the same, right? It’s okay. You can admit it. I know there will always be exceptions, but still – you know?

But in Japan it’s completely different! You can still get back home with sunglasses that you still can’t pronounce the name of and then forget them at the beach.]

With that, I’m off to bed.

And if we could all pray together that I find my sunglasses, that’d be great. Or else we’ll NEVER know where they came from! SUCH SUSPENSE. Fashion meltdown. Optical anxiety. Yep.


Morning update : I Sherlock Holmsed the hotel all morning and found nothing ! I must have left them at the place where I took that shot, how stupid.

WE’LL NEVER KNOW THE BRAND. Unless some well informedJapanese are reading this blog ?


PS : please reassure me, you’re always losing you’re favorite sunglasses too, right ?