Hey Garance, THIS IS TERRIBLE! I already have a big wrinkle in between my eyebrows – and I’m only 22 years old mind you. I’m just getting free of my teenage acne!!! This is not fair… Do you know some revolutionary cream? A magic formula? What about Botox? What should I do?!
Big hugs!

Mmmmmm. The brow line, so vicious we call it the “lion wrinkle” in France.
Right there between the eyebrows. I’ll tell you my story about it and you’ll crack up and think I’m out of my mind.

Around 18, like you, I looked in the mirror and freaked. What is that?! Something is forming between my eyebrows!

I obsessed much more about everything beauty back then – which seems counter intuitive but it just seems like the older you get, the less time you have to worry about such things.
So, at 18 years old, very concerned about my looks, I made some drastic decisions… The sort of drastic decisions that only a teenager could make. Here we go:

1/ Cover myself in lotions.
2/ Wear sunglasses as soon as a single sunbeam broke through.
3/ I kept the best for the end: Stop frowning!

Yep. I had nothing better to do at the time, so I trained myself to not frown. How did I go about it?
I tried to notice every time I furrowed my brow… And unfurrow it.
That isn’t to say I never frowned or furrowed my brow, just to say that I furrowed it less.

All natural Botox… Yeah!

Funny though… To this day, I don’t have a noticeable wrinkle between my brows.

(All that said, it’d be impossible for me to try this with all my smile wrinkles. They came when I was 25 to my despair and it’s not like I’m going to decide to stop smiling)(And I’ve tried every moisturizer under the sun and all they’ve accomplished is getting me to lose all confidence in anti-wrinkle lotions.)

Ok now, what do I think of Botox?
Three things:
1/ I’d better not try it. Everything has led me to believe it’s addictive.
2/ But let’s be honest, used in moderation, it works great if you use it in the right places (On frown lines, you look more well rested. On crows feet, you look like you have a blank stare, like a Stepford Wife)
3/ Scott would kill me if I tried anything like that.
4/ (Yeah, I know I only said 3 but I have a little number 4 to add) Nothing bothers me beyond control about my face. I’m not the type to drive myself overly nuts about this stuff. Well, yeah, for the moment at least. I guess it all depends on the level of personal beauty standards you strive for.

That’s my point of view.

In the meantime, let’s stay focused. What would you do if you were Emily? Any secrets you’re hiding?

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