I spent the month of May listening to Lana Del Rey.

As usual, I was a  step twelve steps behind everyone else. I saw Kristen Wiig do an impression of her on Saturday Night Live (hilarious) and checked her Twitter (enigmatic) before I even heard her songs and finally saw the clip from Video Games (touching) after it already had 17 million (!!!) views.

The mystery of a pretty girl who suddenly transforms herself into a bombshell and finds success will sell a lot of magazines. It makes you fearful. It makes you dream. It makes people scream “Marketing!!!” and it says a lot about the world we live in.

It makes you want to call your little sister and say nooooooo ooooh oh oh that’s not how it works! You can’t believe in that kind of fairy tale!

Yeah, I’m against that kind of fairy tale.

But then I spend my entire month listening to her songs. I love her voice. I love her melancholy, her sense of humor and I spend every second of the day singing Video Games. And then I saw her almost miss her red carpet moment because she wanted to say hi to her fans. And then I met her for five minutes to take her photo. She’s gentle, shy, and never stops smiling.

I’ve developed quite the soft spot for Lana Del Rey… The kind of emotional soft spot you have for a diva who’s a little bruised, a little fragile. With a taste of cautionary tale, a little like she illustrates in her video clip. Like Marilyn or Dalida (I’m sure Lana loves her), who sacrificed too much for celebrity but that you can’t help but love…

Maybe she’ll only be around for one album. Maybe she’ll still be there in 10 years. Who cares?!

The important thing is to sing our hearts out…