I love Carmen Chaplin’s body language – she’s so gorgeous!
She is so cool, pregnant and smiling, in her red dress, on her way to the red carpet (I met her in Cannes) making it look so easy to be pregnant.

It’s funny, because we were talking about that yesterday at dinner (a girl’s dinner!!!), saying how having your first baby can somehow seem like a mountain on the horizon.
It’s something that’s always present, that seems complicated and full of promises at the same time, with a lot of “ifs” (if I have the right guy, if I have the right job, if it’s not too early, if it’s not too late, if this, if that…) and that is going to change our lives.
A mountain we can also totally decide not to climb…

But is with us all of our lives.

When it should actually feel as simple and beautiful as it is in the picture!

Do you feel the same?