Noooooooooou, I am not yet at the beach, but seriously, after the craziness of the last couple of days, I wish I was!

So, I told myself, why not post a little picture I had shot in Miami and we could talk about vacaycay (pffffff that’s how American I am becoming) and sunshine ?!!
No because with the dysfunctional weather we’ve had lately, I need it.

SO !

VACATION : Here are my projects : Beach. Beaching & boating in Corsica and beaching and surfing in Montauk.
What is funny is that before, when I was a young rebel with way too much time on my hands, vacation was the time to get crazy and discover the world, and certainly not stay in one spot on the beach like all these miserable tourists. (Have I ever told you about my hitch-hiking trip around Europe ? I have to !)

A few years later, oh man how I understand the miserable tourists. To me now, my vacation dream is to stay in one spot, eyes closed, mouth open.

SUN : Well I am saying that, but I kind of hate doing nothing on the beach – so I promised myself to learn how to surf. They say it’s good for the abs.

So, SPF 3000 from dawn till dusk. I have a few lotions I’ll show you.

SWIMSUIT : Well, Eres and Lisa Marie Fernandez (so chic to go surfing), of course !
(Well, the “of course !” is easy to say, less to do – HELP !!! IT IS THE SCARY TIME OF GOING TO TRY ON A SWIMSUIT ! GULP.)

SWIMSUITTOP : Or whatever you call that – Is my new summer concept. Usually, I always have an oversize cotton button down with me, with long sleeves to protect me on the beach when I am doing activities like playing paddle ball (a favorite) or building castles (a woman’s gotta do what she’s gotta do).
So I have a button down, for when circumstances call for an emergency dive, (like, say, my ball falls in the water).

But that was before. This year I am becoming a swimsuitop pro. Like the one in the picture, with its hippie vibe. Don’t you love it ? It comes from Ace & Jig.

And that’s that for the moment ! More about my summer project later.

So, tell me, what are your summer projects ? Your swimsuit projects ? Your SWIMSUITOP project ?

What, you’re going hitchhiking around Europe ? Soooo boring !!!