So, so so… I just woke up, and where were we ? Oh yeah, I left you in… The car, en route to the CFDA. Ok, let’s finish the story and after that I promise I will stop talking about all that.

6:50pm: Arrival at the red carpet. Super stressful, even though thanks to Cannes, I learned a little about red carpeting. We are guided through the “step and repeat”, that very awkward moment when you have to stop in front of a wall of photographers that shout your name.

7:10pm: Mini-interviews. I am so stressed, I am saying whatever comes to my mind, trying to look smart. Or I don’t say anything and I look at Scott, begging him to answer for us.

7:15pm: Filmed interview. The journalist is adorable and asks us : “So where does the Proenza and where does the Schouler come in?” We burst out laughing – and just say we think they’re on their way.

7:19pm: A glass of champagne before going on stage.

7:50pm: Time to go take our seats. It’s like I can’t feel my legs anymore.

8:05pm: And crap! My lips are dry. I need some balm. I look around me to see who I can barrow balm from. Around me, Carine R., Anna W., Glenda B…
I don’t know why, but I don’t think I’ll dare.

8:06pm: Idea! Go to the bathroom. There are always girls with balm in the bathrooms before a ceremony.
Scott tells me: Are you sure you want to go now? The show is about to start!!!”
My answer: Scott, this is TOO important!!! (??!!) I rush out.

8:08pm: Found the toilets. Oh no. Nobody’s there anymore. Gulp. Suddenly, Kate Bosworth appears, all beautiful in Altuzarra.

8:09pm: Yes, Kate does have lipbalm.

8:10pm: Back to my seat, lip balmed lips. Lights go down, ceremony starts. Scott and I look at each other, totally overwhelmed by what’s happening.

8:11pm: Diane Von Furstenberg opens the show. Funny, smart, comfortable.
I hyperventilate.

8:14pm: Seth Meyers is presenting the ceremony. Of course, the stage is like home to him. So easy! So FUNNY!
In 5 minutes it’s our turn.
I kind of want to call my mom to tell her to come pick me up right away.

8:26pm: Our video starts, the one with the clips you sent us.
My heart stops beating.

8:30pm: Pharell is on stage. He is so beautiful, all dressed in Comme Des Garçons. His speech is so sweet, I melt…


8:32pm: THE ROOM IS TOTALLY DARK, EXCEPT FOR A SPOTLIGHT RIGHT ON US. IT FOLLOWS US. ALL THE WAY UP TO THE STAGE. I think I can hear applause. But to be honest, I am not sure, I am in the process of dying.

8:32pm: On stage. Pharell gives me the award. I weighs a ton.

8:32pm: My turn.

8:32pm: It’s like an infinite black sea in front of me. And it’s like I have to dive into it. No, cause I just can’t stay here, with a spotlight on my face. No, it’s impossible.

8:32pm: I can also run away on the left. The door is opened.

8:32pm: No, I can’t. I hold on to the podium, and I dive.

8:32pm: I start saying my text. But the adrenaline must be too strong. I hurt everywhere. It’s so hard! It’s like each second is an hour. But I get to the last word, and then it’s Scott’s turn.

Thank you! Exit.

8:35pm: So here I think I am having more pictures taken and that I am answering interviews but I am not sure as I just died.

8:50pm: Back to our seats. My body still hurts everywhere. I feel I am going to faint. It will take me about half an hour to come back to life.

Reed Krakoff, Mary Kate & Ashley, Joseph Altuzarra, Tabitha Simmons, Billy Reid, Andrew Rosen, Phillip Lim, Tommy Hilfiger… And then it’s over. Time for a drink.

9:30pm: Many, many, many “congratulations!!!” people take our pictures, shake our hands and kiss us. I feel like I want to hide somewhere very far. Like in Corsica.

We “enjoy” for a little moment, and then we go to Rocking Horse, our favorite mexican, where we meet our team to celebrate with us.

10:30pm: Pfffffffffffffiou I am starting to relax.

11:30pm: After party at the Boom Boom Room.

11:45pm: We won’t stay long, we’re exhausted.

12:30am: “Baby, you’re firework!!!”

12:45am: “I keep on dancing on my own!!”

12:46am: My lovely agent, Delphine, is here to celebrate with us. And bam, she snaps a picture of me doing my crazy drunk moves. Hey Delphine, thank you for giving me an image for today!

1:00am: “Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough!!”

1:15am: “I just wanna dance with somebodyyyyyy!”

1:30am: “Live fast, die young, bad girls do it well!”

1:45am: “Come on, shake your body baby,do the conga!!”

2:00am: “Don’t go for second best baby, put your love to the test!!”

2:15am: “I’ve got the mooooooves… like Jagger!!”

2:30am: “Let me take you on an escapade!!”

Oh we ended up going back…

OK ! DONE ! Thank you so much for your support !!!!