Reading me, you might have the feeling that I jump from one country to the other, like magic, like, pouf ! A day in Tokyo, pouf ! another in Cannes and pouf ! back to New York youhou ! Jet-setting ? SO easy.

The truth is, it’s worse than Inception*.

My body doesn’t wan’t to hear about time differences anymore.
My body, its rebelling, a lot.

The worst is flying back.

Like for example. Yesterday, at the Studio, everybody was certainly thinking** that I was working behind my computer, but the truthful truth is, I was sleeping like a log with my fingers frozen into a “I type with such passion” position.
My eyes wide open. And as I found out later, my mouth was wide open too.

At one moment I went to the toilets and fell asleep there. I figured it out cause my phone fell from my hands – the noise woke me up***.

The I was like OK guys, I’ve had enough, time for nap. Nobody questioned that****.

Then, I couldn’t cancel a meeting I had to go to. So I took the risk of going out of the Studio in this Lost in Translation state – like imagine smoking a joint of pot + taking 5 Advils + spending the night on a boat watching Inception – and there you go, New York felt like I was in Super Mario Kart*****, and the big challenge was to not bump into strangers.

At one moment I crossed at the red light, totally oblivious, and after a near death experience with a taxi (I don’t know if the near death experience was that he almost killed me or that he insulted me for 10 minutes after that) I thanked the crappy weather to have convinced me to not take my bike.

The day ended up with no major incident, certainly due to the fact that I decided to find refuge in a massage salon. Till 8.30, when I finally fell into a coma in front of Modern Family, at the most crucial moment (Are Cam and Mitchel gonna have a baby ???) (Arrgh, I will never knoooooow !!!).

I think Scott tried to wake me up to go to bed, but it must not have worked, since as I am talking to you, it’s 5AM and I am still on that same sofa.
Oh, I am in wonderful shape right now. Ready to kick ass today !!!

Well, until 10AM. When I will start yawning.

(And this is just me coming back from Europe. Imagine my return from Japan, OMG two weeks of that mess !!!)
(Euh, by the way, this is an excuse for the post about Cannes I had promised – I couldn’t write it, I was at the massage salon)
(So what I am going to do is transform the illustration, from a glam starlet, it will become a jet-lagued starlet)


* The movie I never understood and tried to watch it again on the plane to see if I had become smarter. Answer : nope.
** Or not, seeing that I was still wearing my pjs.
*** Don’t go tell me you’ve never gone to the toilets with your iPhone.
**** Perks of being French in a world of crazy workaholics. My weird work methods (nap, lunch break, working in my pjs) are considered my “cultural exception”.
***** Oh, please. To each his own generation.