First of all, Liu Wen is one of my favorite models right now. She’s always got a smile on her face and a style I adore.

But since I ran into her in the lobby of the Carlton in Cannes as she was heading to the screening of the film Amour, I almost lost it over her make up. I love the form of her eye liner, how it curves up like that, like a super cute little fish tail.

(Uhhhh, You like my beautiful vocabulary? I made it up just for you!!! Fish tail… C’mon now!)

And I have the exact same eyelids (Ha! Okay, maybe I’m not Chinese, but I almost have the same eyelids. But if you put makeup on my eyes like that, it doesn’t do a thing because you lose it under the fold. You know what I mean, right?)(What’s that kind of eyelid called?), I’m always wondering what kind of makeup I can put on to escape the ordinary.

Now I wanna know what the best product is to do a perfect cat eye. Do you have any special techniques?

Translation: Tim Sullivan