Marion Cotillard is the biggest celebrity that I’ve seen in Cannes.

And I’m telling you. I saw a crazy number of celebrities. Bruce, Ewan, Alec, Robert, Sean… I saw them all. Even Jackie Chan ! Seriously, you can’t get more famous than Jackie Chan.

I am saying she’s the biggest celebrity, but it’s not exactly that. What I mean is, she was the star.

She walks around with twenty people at the minimum. It creates a sort of cloud around Marion, like an invincible cloud of PRs, of assistants and of bodyguards that cut through the crowds and protect Marion.

Then she decides to go grace a party with her presence for 20 minutes, not much longer. She has to leave real fast to change outfits and go grace another party. Photographers go hysterical, crowd yells her name, she dashes to her mini-van (20 people, it takes a lot of room!) and she disappears.

Her timing is extra planned. Media from all over the world are in Cannes. Cinema reviews, fashion magazines, newspapers. Everybody wants an exclusive moment with Marion. Everything is extra organized, sponsored and planned months ahead. So very few will have that exclusive moment with Marion, but everybody still tries. Oh the tension. Those who succeed find themselves having to face things like:

“Ok, you have two minutes with Marion!”

Two minutes. What the hell. This electricity around a star, it’s absurd and fantastic at the same time.

It makes her sublime. Suddenly, she’s not part of our world anymore… She comes from somewhere else.
The dream. Hollywood. The stuff that makes legends. When she’s here, with all these people around, looking only in her direction, you have the feeling that you’re exactly in that little piece of the universe where you’re supposed to be.

Ok. So, the truth is, I hate that. No, but seriously you can’t imagine how I find that ridiculous, all that bullshit. That’s why I choose to not talk about celebrities too much on my blog. Only during Cannes !!! It’s so annoying !

It’s annoying to be here, photographing her, like everybody else. It’s annoying to find her beautiful, like everybody else. To love her hair, like everybody else. To leave when I have a picture I like and feel way too happy about it. About having had my little piece of Marion.

Pffffffff, really, celebrities make people stupid.


Next time I’ll tell you about the starlet, who, on the contrary, REALLY lives in the same world as us and would like it SO much to be in a mini-van like Marion.
I’ll tell you also about how it feels to be going to a movie in a evening gown and crazy high heels – just to stay sitting in the dark for two hours.
About the corridors of The Martinez, about the toilets of the Palais des Festivals… And then, we’ll talk about other stuff. For the rest of the year ;-)