Do you remember Brady?

Each time I see her, she has perfect style. Simple and elegant, just right. In her shop, after a première with her husband, the awesome Jason Schwartzman (I’ll show you a picture soon!), or on her way to London, where she was headed on Saturday.

My own travel style was pretty random for a long time-remind me to tell you about my first trip to go meet Scott. I wanted so much to look super cool so he would fall head over heels when he saw me, that I spent the entire trip in a super skinny jean, crazy high heels and an enormous fur (Yeah, totally stupid, but, hey, the James Bond girl airport arrival totally worked ;-)– but today, I think I know what I need:

– A pair of super soft ballerina flats, like my Chloes. So thin that most times they don’t even ask me to take them off at security.
– A skinny jean with a lot of stretch. Zara makes the perfect pair. Or a pair of sweatpants for when I travel more than 6 hours.
– A cotton tee shirt.
– A vintage military jacket (not too light, not too heavy, it’s good cause you dont care if it gets wrinkled).
– A great cashmere scarf, like my Sarti, that also plays the role of a blanky.
– A pair of noise canceling headphones, a mini revelation I discovered recently.

That’s it! No belt, no jewelry, hair back.

But there are things I still forget each time- and that is my only difference from Perfecta, who in this case is the travel pro model who will never forget:

– Her contention socks. I know it’s not chic to even talk about it, but I tried them once and it works super well.
– Her hydrating lotion (that you have to put on every 2 hours if you’re a good Perfecta).
– Her dried fruits (a perfecta never eats in the plane, are you crazy, it’s too salty!!! What about water retention?? Hey have a shooting to go to when I land!!!).
– To drink water every hour.

Mmmm I think that’s it. Am I forgetting anything? Can you think of something? Tell me now, because I’m  on my way to the airport!

So goodbye Festival de Cannes! And thank you Chopard for taking such great are of us. I’ll be back soon with a lot of pictures and…a super cool Pardon My French in Cannes!