It’s funny how tattoos have become a fashion accessory. Here in New York everybody has one.

A lot of my friends have micro tattoos–the name of their boyfriend or the name of their mother on the inside of their wrist or they have a mini drawing ala Kate Moss (she has an anchor) on the arm. One of them (she will recognize herself, kisses darling!) has 100% written on her forearm and when I asked her what it meant she raised her eyes and started laughing.

Let’s not even start with men. In Brooklyn, a guy without a tattoo is a curiosity. They have tattoos on their forearms, their hands, and even on their necks. Nobody is worried about things like, “how am I going to find a job” or “how will it look when I age.”

When I think about that, I think the freedom we have in New York is really cool. It’s not the same everywhere. In Japan, for example, tattoos are forbidden at the pool and the beach and in other public places.

The tattoos in the picture belong to Kate, you were introduced to her style last week, but I wanted to show you this detail.

Hands are a pretty daring place, but with her white dresses, her angelic face and all of the rings she’s wearing, it creates a contrast that I really love.

Would you be willing to have a tattoo in such a visible place?