Why do I love jumpsuits and overalls so much ?

I am not sure, but it may have to do with the effortless style and unique look of the garment. Usually, I photograph and wear them in a way more slouchy way (look here), but Scott kind of ends up groaning* (nicely, but still). Mmmmmm, yes, I kind of feel like jumpsuits are not a man’s bestfriend.

But Lolita takes it to the next level. This fitted one looks great on her.

I can totally imagine Jane Birkin wearing it, and everybody knows that Jane Birkin had found the perfect balance between tomboy and sexy. I know this because I spent my weekend browsing through old pictures and I have come to the conclusion that she had the best style of all. Now my favorite is still Romy Schneider because one day, I had my hair parted and back and someone told me that I looked just like her (to this day, I still carry that person in my heart***)

Well anyway, I love these overalls.


* No, but of course I want to dress up also for my man.

** Looking for inspiration! I am going to Caaaaaaaannes tomorrow!

*** You now know what to say to make me do absolutely anything you want (= Lie : “Mmmmm, Garance, do you know you look a little like Romy Schneider ?)