Aaaaaaaahrrrrraaaaaaaah! A giant pair of feet right on the front page of my bloggggggg!

I’m not going to tell you whom they belong to (nope, not gonna give any hints either!!!), but here’s the takeaway: thanks to a little summery color, (okay, spring, really, when you consider the mold-inducing weather in New York these past couple weeks) I’m able to handle, more or less, the sight of someone else’s feet (and my own, but again, I don’t mean to give you any hints as to whose feet are in the photo).

Anyway. Here’s a little list of random observations about nail polish :

#1 = You CAN put your own nail polish on. No but you see, here, because I was so taken by all the nail-spas in the city, I practically forgot that I have two hands perfectly capable of putting nail polish on themselves and therefore my feet. I figured it out in Miami where I spent four horrified days, feet buried in the sand because I couldn’t find a nail-spa anywhere.

On the fourth day, my brain came out again and I bought some nail-polish remover, some color, and bam! Three minutes later, all was right again.

#2 = My favorite nail polish right now is Essie. There’s no better polish to apply. Super fluid with super pretty colors. Unless you have a new one, cause it changes every season.

#3 = In terms of hands, I’ve abdicated: neutral colors or bust. I mean, red is pretty and all, but it only looks great for two or three days and then the rest of the week you just get depressed looking at your chipped nails.

#4 = That said, I’ve learned that for a beige to look beige and neutral on your nail, you have to chose something pinkish or it looks white. Well, yeah, I mean, all that depends on your skin color. You see what I’m saying?

#5 = In Japan, I wanted to have some Hello Kitty put on my nails (I think I had a split-personality in Japan) but you can only do that if you do a gel as well. And that just wasn’t going to work. Gels kinda freak me out for some reason. It makes your nails look all thick and weird looking, don’t you think? And it’s bad for your nails, right? Have you ever tried it?

Translation : Tim Sullivan