When I was a teen, I remember dreaming about buying my first Eres swimsuit.

My mom had a few and even though they were pricey, she definitely got the value out of them, with their refined colors, their amazing fabric – shaped well yet flexible, and their tailoring, so classic, so French…

I had the impression that they really had a woman’s body in mind when they designed them and they fit so beautifully.

Now, years later, they’re still my favorite. I buy one every season and they last me for years. Their one-piece styles follow me everywhere and their two-pieces are pretty much the only ones I feel confident in – I love running around like crazy on the beach* and I’ve definitely been known to lose my swimsuit from time to time.

Like I said, so French!

* Like playing paddle ball like my life depended on it (top flies off), diving in headfirst into the pool (bottoms around my ankles), picking children up over my head (both at the same time) or even silly one person games like the sausage (holding your breath and seeing how many times you can roll yourself around while under water)(swimsuit all tangled up) and of course, front flips, back flips, splash bombs (yeah, I lose my bathing suit a lot).

Then there are also my other favorite classics, like the denim button down, Converse sneakers and Equipment shirts.

Translation: Tim Sullivan